A sexual fantasy is a mental representation in which we evoke sexual situations that we want to experience (or just imagine) and cause us excitement and excitement. distracts us from our daily routine. to dream one of the most erotic activities in existenceis an extension of our sexuality within that boundless space that is our imagination. Beyond taboos and reflections realityEverything is allowed in the fantasy world. Ours Imagination has no limits and our sexuality has no limits.

As long as they are consensual between the couple, sexual fantasies can be very positive and serve as another stimulus to help us better understand our own desire.

What is ‘teledidonics’? It consists of having sex with remote control toys and is one of the easiest fantasies to come true.

If even Plato shamelessly indulged in erotic fantasies, we don’t understand why we should be timid or cautious. Summer is the time to let go of the restrictions and take your mind off reality.

sex and imaginationWhat better combination for this summer? Random encounters with strangers or old acquaintances, in exotic places, in privacy or in broad daylight, with or without erotic toys… Sexual fantasies are universal and summer is a particularly apt time to let our imaginations run wild.

Sexual fantasies are universal, and summer is a particularly good time to realize them. LELO

Sexual fantasies are universal. Overall, while men and women are more alike than you might think, there are slight differences in the way we dream about sex. We women are more used to using the imagination and enrich images in more detail.

Sexual fantasies are much more common than we think, and they all have one thing in common: escape from monotony, and some are perfectly fulfilling.

We don’t just focus on the visual, more sensory elements like touch or smell also come into play. LELO, who specializes in sexual health, asked different women about their most recurring sexual fantasies and they told us this. Do you miss anyone?

What are the most common sexual fantasies of women?

1. Three is not crowded

The trio is still an undefeated classic, the sexual fantasy favored by both men and women.. Regardless of sexual orientation, it matters let go and have fun with two other people.

Threesomes are still the sexual fantasy favored by both men and women. free choice

There are combinations for every taste, and although one of the fantasies that always recurs in women’s minds is to enjoy two men dedicated to satisfying their every desire, The ranking of the most desired trio is headed by the combination of men-women-women. It seems that women are more open to exploring ways of bisexuality than men, and a threesome is the perfect opportunity for that.

2. Sex with a complete stranger

a unrestricted sexual intercourse with an unknown person we will never see again Another of the fantasies that many of us go through.

Having sex with an unknown person is one of the most common fantasies. free choice

Mystery, curiosity, fear… Sex with someone who isn’t our usual partner makes us adopt. another role different from the usual, the most stimulating. Sex without judgment or condition cocktail It’s a perfect pleasure where it’s hard to say no. At least in our imagination.

3. Sex in public

In sex, it is important not only with whom, but also where. The bed is already very visible. Why not dream of doing it somewhere a little more private?? Fantasies immersed in the rhythm of the waves on idyllic beaches are constant and, sex in the watermost wanted place.

Adding a sex toy can be much more exciting LELO

But at other times, “I’ll catch you here and I’ll kill you” Y The urgency of desire triumphs over romance. fantasy moves more accessible places although less idyllic. Elevators, poorly lit doors, parking lots, desk in the office, dressing rooms, movie theaters or restaurants, public restrooms on trains or airplanes. Any place is good to get out of the bedroom routine. The only condition to make it more exciting is if it is a public place and there is a risk of being discovered or seen by others..

And situations involving danger and adventure cause an increase in dopamine, a neurotransmitter that processes positive moods. That’s why many women recently the fantasy of self-love in public and add to the equation some sex toy to make everything more exciting and maybe to be discovered while dying of pleasure while reaching double orgasm Sonic massager with ENIGMA™ Cruise that gently stimulates the clitoris and simultaneously the G-spot.

4. Domination and submission

Take orders, fulfill your wishes, know that there is another person at our command… The fantasies in which we dream of dominating or being dominated are one of the most erotic and stimulating.. While many people are still ashamed to admit this, also one of the most common. Fortunately, this type of practice is gaining more and more acceptance, and for as long as it exists. Consensus and consent between the parties, They often create moments of great pleasure and fun.

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Fantasies in which we dream of being dominated or dominated are some of the most erotic and stimulating. LELO

Another classic of such power and domination fantasies, age difference and teacher/student relationship. Having sex with someone younger and naive, someone who has everything to learn and can teach or learn from someone older and more experienced, is very sensual.

5. Remote controlled sex

“Teledidonics” has an increasing presence in women’s sexual imagination. Adhere to have sex with remote control toys and it is one of the easiest fantasies to come true.

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Powerful and enjoyable, the remote control of this little vibrator allows you to choose the intensity and achieve synchronized orgasms, controlling the vibrations while making love.

Having sex with remote control toys has become one of the most common fantasies of women today. LELO

As you will see, there are sexual fantasies for all tastes and colors, some perfectly realizable, others a little more fanciful. Many are much more common than we think, and they all have one thing in common: escape from monotony.. And releasing your most intimate desires will make your relationships much more spicy. Let your imagination fly and enjoy a summer full of fantasies… I’m sure you can make some of them come true!