They intercepted a narcotic sailing ship bound for Spain with 6 tons of poppy.

National Police Agents, in collaboration with the Tax Office Customs Surveillance, A drug ship seized in the international waters of the Atlantic with three crew members on board, some with six tons of marijuanatowards the southwestern coast of Spain.

The operation, named Bibi after the boat’s name, presumes a police coup against the criminal organizations of the East, police reported this Tuesday. drug trafficking by sea.

The sailboat, after a long search, Caught 130 miles offshore Huelva, whose three crew members were arrested, intended to smuggle the drugs into the country after loading them at a point on the Moroccan coast.

The investigation began in early 2021, when security forces were able to confirm this. One of the most active criminal groups in Spain was about to buy a sailboat for use at sea. drug trafficking.

Thanks to international cooperation with the UK National Crime Agency and Italian authorities, they were able to identify the sailboat and coordinate police action on the organization being investigated.

The Bibi, presumed Maltese-flagged ship, sailed for Italy last February and departed for Spain a month later, settling on the Levantine coast as a base of operations before taking on the drugs’ cargo in Africa.

After leaving Spain, The narcotic sailor went to the point where he took it with the intention of returning to Spain to pick up the drugs on the Moroccan coast. Europe passes through the south of the peninsula.

Finally, the boat was stopped in Atlantic waters, where agents intervened, in addition to six tons of marijuana, a drone, security cameras, and a radio frequency detector.

Source: Informacion


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