Telecinco changes ‘I’m winning tonight’ show after failing with viewers

telecinco decided to make a move after one of his big summer failures this year. Contest from next week ‘I won tonight’ He stops the broadcast at his usual time and jumps to the early morning hours after the date he recorded in the last episode.

The chain confirmed the news over the weekend after harvesting just one 6% quota and less than 600,000 this Tuesday viewers, in its third week on the air. Also, since its uncompromising debut, the show has done little more than hit all-time lows every week in a row.

Therefore from now on it will stop starting at 22:00 i.e. prime time and will jump to the start of the midnight slot. This is, starting next week, the format of the challenges presented by Christian Galvez and Carolina Cerezuela Especially starting at midnight. His void will be filled with an as-yet-unnamed movie session.

Source: Informacion


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