Europe is drying up: water scarcity affects more than half of the continent

France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal… practically no country survives a drought whose most visible face is fires and fires. depleted reservoirs, however, he said this will also have ramifications in the short, medium and long term in the fields of “agriculture, energy and water supply”.

If Europe is going to suffer from gas shortages this winter, many traditionally humid countries are also already recognizing an unfamiliar water shortage. In Spain, the European country with the most reservoirs, the latest data Ministry of Ecological Transformation He points out that the national water reserve has been declining for three consecutive months. While the reservoirs have 40.4% of their capacity, the data is already 20 worst spots more than the average of the last ten years (60.3%).

This is in a country preparing for water scarcity. Others less accustomed to this, such as Germany, where the Rhine had to suspend its waters. commercial traffic due to a decrease in their flow or the UK where they lived in July driest since 1935has more trouble adapting.

In the county of Yorkshire in the north of England, for example, as of August 26 prohibit the use of hoses watering, washing the car or filling children’s pools.

“Hot, dry weather means Yorkshire’s rivers are running low, which means our reservoirs 20% less full Neil Dewis, director of the company dedicated to water management in the region, says it’s more than we expected for this time of year.

In Italy, there are five regions that have already ratified it. state of emergency Due to the drought and in the north, rationing measures were taken for irrigation, the filling of swimming pools was prohibited, and night water cuts were made.

And beyond direct consumption, evaporation and low precipitation also directly and indirectly affect food production.

latest newsletter European Crop Monitor For example, he points out that a lack of water and rising temperatures have worsened the forecasts for crops such as: cornflakesIt was considered the breadbasket of Europe, which had to face other challenges as well, such as the invasion of Ukraine.

Perspectives that are particularly worrisome in France, Spain, Romania, Portugal or Italy, but also affect, to a lesser extent, other countries such as Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia or Croatia.

For example, in Spain and Italy European Drought Observatory determined that both winter and summer products were adversely affected. low precipitation and high temperatures, while in Germany and Poland the main problem was the lack of rain.

According to the same report, it is a situation that will not limit its results in the short term. july and september France, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, northern Spain and Italy, and most of the UK and Ireland are expected to pass periods drought much more pressure than usual.

“These forecasts add to an already very critical situation, so if confirmed, the drought will be even more pronounced and therefore have a greater impact on the climate. farming, Energy and supply water,” says the report.

This increase in temperatures and the dryness of the vegetation cause the fires to spread in Europe. France, for example, has sought help to deal with a disaster that has already devastated many more. 50,000 hectares in the whole country. Germany, Poland, Romania and Austria have already announced they will send firefighters to help them fight the flames, while Sweden and Greece have already chartered four planes to support the extinguishing of the flames.

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