Asaja denounces agreement between South Africa and EU to import unprocessed oranges

The Valencia Farmers’ Association (AVA-ASAJA) expresses its “astonishment” at the information published in the international media that the European Union will negotiate and seeks clarifications on its competencies in agriculture and food safety at all levels of the Administration. an agreement with South Africa forUnload over 2,000 orange containers at community ports From this third country paralyzed because they did not comply with the cold treatment, as explained by the agricultural organization.

AVA-ASAJA has shown its “confusion” at this possible deal, which, if true, will result in the association’s president, Cristóbal Aguado.intolerable scandalbecause this would not only mean the EU’s humiliation against its farmers and a threat to the plant health of citrus and many agricultural and tree species in Europe, but could also be considered a fraudulent law. The EU would be violating its own regulations.

It should be noted that on May 27, cold treatment of citrus fruits imported into the European Union from countries such as South Africa was given the green light. community market fake moth. The rule has been in effect since 14 July.

Informed about a new agreement between the EU and South Africa, AVA-ASAJA addressed different representatives of the Administration. clarify the facts and, where appropriate, detail what was negotiated and the conditions under which this agreement was reached behind the agricultural sector.”

Source: Informacion


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