Hostage taking in a bank in Beirut shows the desperation of the Lebanese people

Although he had enough money to cover his father’s medical expenses, Basam al-Sheikh Hussein she can’t do that. 42-year-old Lebanese, $210,000 in savings stuck in the bank that you can’t access. Observing his father’s deterioration in recent months, he had to paralyze, but this Thursday he decided to take action. Basam al-Sheikh Hussein surrounded him. branch of your bank He threatened to set fire to Beirut and himself. six hostages and to the bank if they don’t give him his money.

The capital of Lebanon, for six long hours birth of a hero. Hussein is kind of Robin Hood. They are concentrated around the bank branch dozens of people to show their support. Lebanon has experienced a serious economic crisis since 2019. Then banks started to implement unregistered capital control measures. The Lebanese population today is only withdraw $50 every other week from your bank accounts.

This stingy 100 dollars a month is not enough for Hüseyin. 50,000 What does a sick dad need? when asked on thursday bank staff access to your savings Rejected, he pulled out the gun and started shouting that his relatives were in the hospital. He locked himself in the room with the six hostages. Federal Bank branch from the neighborhood raw in Beirut. Hussein spoke to the police for six hours while holding five bank employees and a customer with him.

Finally the bank accepted give $30,000 to Robin Hood, the new Lebanese, his sister reported in local media. As he left the branch to cheer, the authorities arrested him. He is currently in police custody. This Friday, his family asked to be released despite being promised that he would be released the same day if he surrendered. The citizens of Lebanon are still waiting for their new hero. victim of desperation and injustice.

One of the biggest crises since 1850

Hussein, however, was not the only Lebanese in the region. take justice into your own hands. In January, another customer locked himself in a bank with dozens of hostages, employees and customers. Beca Valley when they refused to pay him. After receiving the money he demanded, the depositor surrendered to the security forces. Such incidents are very few compared to the drama of the situation. Lebanon has been in the lead role for three years one of the world’s worst economic crises of the last 150 years.

According to the United Nations, 80% of the population below the poverty line. Added to the tragic economic situation beiru harbor explosiont in the midst of an epidemic. At the beginning of the month, two years have passed since the tragedy and no criminals have been convicted. local currency in recent years 90% devaluedfurther suffocated the Lebanese population. Thousands of people lost all their savings in the bank. In their despair, they see the answer to this life condemned by the injustice and corruption of the powerful in brave people like Hüseyin.

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