by the hair. A self-confidence story


Por los pelos is the new comedy by Nacho G. Velila starring Carlos Librado (Grandma), Antonio Pagudo, Tomy Aguilera, Amaia Salamanca, Eva Ugarte and María Hervás. Velila has directed both television series (7 lives, Aida) and comedies for the big screen (Let the Ugly Die, Losing the North, Neighbor Villaviciosa). Juanjo, Sebas, and Rayco are three examples among millions of examples of how, in addition to hair loss, alopecia can lead to a decline in self-confidence, security, and even masculinity. Rayco is a reggaeton singer and has more tickets than English Court. Juanjo is a forty-year-old cowardly boy who obsesses over the vacant lot with dignity until he marries Inma. Unlike his friend Juanjo, Sebas has been locked into the bald man’s closet ever since he discovered the natural hair wig.

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