At least 31 people were injured in a roller coaster crash in the German park Legoland.

At least 31 people were injured as a result of a roller coaster accident at the amusement park this Thursday. legolandIt is located in southern Germany.

As detailed by the police, the accident was one of the wagons He braked suddenly and was hit by the one from behind.

Most of the injured were injured contusions and abrasionsamong other injuries. At the moment, it was announced that only one of the injured is in serious condition.

According to a Legoland spokesperson, the accident occurred at the attraction. fire Dragon, how far all the rescuers at the theme park have traveled.

The Fire Dragon traverses an enclosed area of ​​the park before exiting into the open on a sloping trail. curves. It moves at a speed of up to eight meters per second, which is approximately 29 kilometers per hour.

This Legoland park located in your town, GunzburgAbout a hundred kilometers west of Munich, it is one of ten theme parks worldwide revolving around the Lego theme, a Danish company specializing in the manufacture of toys.

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