Gasoline and diesel prices fell more than 2% and remained at their lowest level since May

this gasoline and diesel fuel fell more than 2% within the last week, until you register Average prices per liter are 1.66 and 1.654 Euros, respectively, one-time mandatory discount 20 cents They remained at their lowest level since last May, set by the government.

The prices of both fuels are falling again, according to data released this Thursday by the European Union Petroleum Bulletin, which includes the average price registered at more than 11,400 service stations between 2 and 8 August. below the 2 euro limit liter even without public bonuses.

With these values, the cost of gasoline has decreased by about 2.5% in the last seven days, while the cost of diesel is 2.3% cheaper.

However, they continue hovering around record levels for an augustThe average liter price of gasoline was 1,702 euros, while that of diesel was only 1,693 euros from the previous week’s values.

Still, gasoline was at its lowest price in seven days since mid-May at 1,697 euros per liter, while diesel wasn’t that cheap at 1,652 euros that marked the last week of the same month.

The records known this morning are also far from the records reached last June, when gasoline was 1,941 euros per liter and diesel was 1.9 euros, even after the fuel cut.

Moreover, according to the latest data, gasoline added for the seventh week in a row and diesel for the sixth week, despite the exit operation.

It costs 91 euros to fill a 55 liter tank

Both fuels Below the prices recorded at the end of MarchWhen it exceeded 1.8 euros, it led the Government to set a bonus of 20 cents per liter for all consumers throughout the year.

However, the rise in these fuels since the beginning of the year – later exacerbated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the energy crisis – has caused gasoline prices to increase by more than 12 percent since the first week of January. diesel becoming more expensive reached almost 23%.

At current prices, filling an average 55-litre tank with both petrol and diesel costs around 91 euros, about 10 euros more when using the first fuel than at the beginning of 2022, and 17 euros more if the second is selected. .

The discount leaves prices below the European average

According to Oil Bulletin, prices in Spain, including discounts, were below the average cost of 1,848 euros per liter of gasoline in the euro area and 1,864 euros for diesel, over the past week.

They also lag behind the average of 27 European Union countries where gasoline is paid at 1,799 euros per liter and diesel at 1.83 euros.

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