A secret firearms workshop was disbanded in a neighborhood of Malaga

this two people were arrested last week barcenillas street Malaga allegedly involved buy firearms abroadbrought them into our country and manipulated them. secret workshop what was inside house. As reported by the Civil Guard today, the investigation allowed intervention. 18 firearms, there are among them five submachine guns, six pistols, six revolvers and one semi-automatic tactical shotgun, among other elements related to its activity. Some ammo Y ready to use at any time, which poses a risk to the safety of both the agents in charge and the citizen; and powerful device in the area to complete arrests and searches. Two explored you went to jail.

this regional operation channels launched earlier this year. international police cooperation allowed to detect a resident Spain purchased in an Eastern European country various state-of-the-art pistolsn. these weapons fatal at first (caliber 9 millimeter parabellum), had recalibrated to the system flowerPermitted sold freely in that country. in Spainhowever, acquiring and owning gun license requiredarmed institute, what you stated before adding “easily manipulated” Returning them to their original calibers, an activity that is one of the main sources of illegal weapons at the European level.

Weapons smuggling experts from the Civil Guards Information Center (UCE3) learned: ID used For the purchase of these weapons fake using computer programs, but managed to identify it A resident of the capital of Malaga There was no gun license. Investigations also determined that: that the first purchase is not an isolated incident. this man had brother’s collaboration and they came to falsify up to seven DNIs purchasing large numbers of firearms and ammunition in countries such as Slovakia, Czech Republic or France.

The Civil Guard detailed their submachine guns classified as weapons of war, pistols and revolvers Given its small size, most demanded by criminal organizations for firepower and ease of concealment. In addition to weapons and ammunition, they purchased machine like a drill vertical column, grinders, and other tools and accessories typical of secret workshops where firearms are used. Among this material soundproof cabin an item worth more than it’s worth, for professional use of large sizes 6,000 € and that they can shoot and test the guns they hold in their own homes without informing the neighbors.

In addition to the weapons and the secret workshop, the agents found three electric shock devices in the house, hidden under the guise of mobile phones; 895 metallic cartridges of different calibers; raw ball sticks for artisanal production of balls; a large number of pistol and submachine gun magazines; copies of third-party identities and false identities, and various computer equipment and documents for work.

Source: Informacion


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