Arrested for trying to drown an acquaintance at a fountain in Valencia

There are agents of the National Police Man arrested for allegedly trying to strangle an acquaintance yours fountain in a park He repeatedly stuck his head in water from the Trànsits area in Valencia, as reported in a statement by the Upper Headquarters.

The incidents took place in a park in the Trànsits district around 5:30 p.m. this Tuesday, according to numerous eyewitnesses who alerted 091. there was a woman on her neck, thus rescuing the victim, they immediately left. The police also gave clothes to the half-naked woman and observed that the attacker had a gun. cheekbone and eyebrow injurywho was bleeding profusely.

The police, who demanded a health indicator, learned that the victim and suspect were known and that they were in the fountain minutes cool off“.

Another man would address them and ask the attacker to take pictures of him on his cell phone, but he took the terminal and fled. Suspect allegedly launched an operation arguing with woman thinking she’s “cooperating” with the man who stole her phone.

Then he grabs her by the neck and He put his head in the water “again and again”. At one point, agents learned, someone approached the alleged assailant and hit him, causing bleeding wounds to his eyebrow and cheekbone. This person was no longer there when the police arrived. The teams took the suspect into custody as a murder suspect. attempted murder. Both the victim and the attacker were hospitalized for treatment.

Source: Informacion


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