A spectacular fire devastates a palm grove on the Camino de Enmedio de Orihuela

Flames they destroyed the palm plantation On a terrace in the Orihuela district The Camino de Enmedio is very close to the “tubes” of the transfer, the Beniel road, the N-340 and the Sierra de Orihuela.

The moment the flames got stronger before the Provincial Firefighters Consortium troops arrived TONY SEVLE

The spectacular fire, which broke out on Tuesday afternoon, alarmed residents with flames reaching several meters high.

The fire area is also surrounded by citrus and corn planting terraces, and there are also scattered houses and rural roads. Orihuela Local Police intercepted Beniel.

Aerial view of the fire area between the road and the Sierra de Orihuela

The Provincial Firefighters Consortium mobilized three fire trucks, two forest fire trucks and two helicopters, among other vehicles, to respond to the blazes due to the danger of spreading to the Sierra forest area. Three forest firefighters are also working at the scene. Eyewitnesses told INFORMATION that seaplanes were also used.

Palm tree fire on the Camino de Enmedio de Orihuela

The direction of the strong wind helped prevent the flames from spreading to the residential area of ​​the county. The fire would also affect a nearby beekeeping farm, causing property damage.

Source: Informacion


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