Three gold prospectors died when a well collapsed in Mauritania.

three gold diggers They died after sinking into a well today It is from a mine located in the Tasiast region, 300 kilometers northwest of Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania.

Victims aged between 27 and 53, Died in a fire in a wellThe Maaden Mauritania Association, the state company responsible for regulating gold prospecting in the country of Maaden, explained in a statement. The same source added that making a fire in a well is prohibited by the legal procedures that regulate this activity. However, some Mauritanian gold prospectors use fire in pits to help break up rocks and deepen the excavation.

There are frequent work accidents among these gold seekers due to the sinking of precarious prospecting wells, which often collapse while the miners are inside.

This illegal activity generated about $130 million in 2020, which is roughly one-sixth of the country’s total production (including regulated industrial activity).

Source: Informacion


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