FBI searched Donald Trump’s residence in Mar-a-Lago

The fence of justice continues to be pulled donald trump. This Monday, weeks after the conclusion of the Congressional committee’s public hearings investigating the Capitol Hill attack, which focused on the former president’s role in that uprising and the conspiracy that Trump and his entourage sought to reverse the outcome of the election. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents for English abbreviation) registered most house former Republican president Mar-a-Lago private clubIn Florida, as reported by Trump himself in a statement.

The search appears to be in focus, according to two anonymous sources familiar with the investigation from The New York Times. Trump’s supplies After leaving the White House, he went to his private club and residence in Florida. Other unnamed sources cited by ‘The Wall Street Journal’ assured that the registry was not linked to the investigation of the events of January 6, 2021.

Registration took place with a court order According to a source from the ‘Washington Post’. this White House it also provided had not received prior information about the registration and applied to Justice for further clarification. The Ministry declined to comment, however, and declined to confirm whether the search had been greenlit by Attorney General Merrick Garland. this The FBI also denied requests for information. of the media.


Already in February it was known that, National Archives After months of intense negotiations, they had managed to rally the previous month. 15 document boxes The ex-president should have given it to them but took it to Florida. Some of these documents classified and also some marked as “top secret”.

Trump only agreed and was obliged to deliver the documents under pressure from possible court action. Presidential Records Act. This rule requires that all documents and records relating to the official activities of the president, from memos and letters to e-mails, faxes and other written communications, be preserved and submitted to the Archives.

Trump is angry

According to one of the ‘Times’ sources, the FBI’s action this Monday, aimed at at least partially checking for any documents left in the club, was revealed by Trump himself at his own press conference. release. In it he denounced the registry in harsh terms and water gate and it “a radical left democrats attackAccording to him, the one who is “desperate” to prevent him from running again as a presidential candidate in the elections. 2024 elections.

“a aggression that can only occur in third world countries. Unfortunately the USA has become one of those countries, degenerate to a level never seen before,” Trump continued, assuring that “something like this has never happened to a US president.”

According to Bloomberg and Politico, the Republican, who was not at his Palm Beach residence but spent the summer at his Bedminster (New Jersey) property and was at Trump Tower in New York, made sure agents had access to him. trustworthy.

While ‘Times’ and ‘Post’ sources assured that the search was made in the morning, the former president implied there were “many agents” in a statement sent to the media shortly before seven in the afternoon. They were still in the residence, which he described as “attacked, attacked and occupied”.

papers in the toilet

Trump is often elected breaking official record keeping laws and by getting rid of various documents. Just this Monday, the Axios portal published some photos obtained by ‘Times’ journalist Maggie Haberman, who is reporting on Trump and will publish a book about the Republican in October confirming the former president’s claim that she used it to get rid of the papers. flushing them down the toilet.

A congressional committee is investigating this handling of official documents by Trump and released a statement this Monday following the FBI call. “Presidents have a serious duty to protect national security, and allegations that former President Trump has put our security at risk by misusing confidential information deserves the highest level of scrutiny,” said Carolyn Maloney, chair of the Democratic committee.

Already in April, federal officials signaled that the process was in the preliminary stages. Research processing of classified documents. According to The New York Times, an investigation has been launched. grand jury and published a Quotation He asked the National Archives for the 15 boxes that Trump took to Mar-a-Lago.

republican rage

countless Republican politicians and conservative media they responded with get angry to report to the registry news without evidence, politicization From the Ministry of Justice. This is what Kevin McCarthy, the leader of the conservative minority in the Lower House, did, for example, vowing to launch a Justice inquiry if the Republicans regain control of the election if he becomes a ‘speaker’. Parliamentary elections in November.

Another Republican congressman, radical Marjorie Taylor Greene, suggested on Twitter that the FBI be cut off.

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