The jihadist attack in Mali resulted in the deaths of 17 soldiers, 4 civilians and 7 terrorists.

in total 17 soldiers, 4 civilians and 7 suspected terrorists They died in a jihadist attack against a military camp in the town of Tessit in northern Mali on Sunday, the Mali Armed Forces (FAMA) reported today. Military forces announced that Malian soldiers managed to repel the attack of terrorists using explosive and bomb vehicles. in this attack 22 soldiers were injured and others reported missingHe announced the note adding that the Malian troops destroyed seven vehicles belonging to the terrorists.

Mali is experiencing great insecurity, especially in the center and north of its region, with numerous terrorist attacks. The country is ruled by a military junta after two coups led by Colonel Assimi Goita, who refused to call for elections last February and offered to hold elections in February 2024.

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