France, China and UAE have asked the UN Security Council to hold a closed meeting on the situation in Gaza

The agency said the UN Security Council had requested a closed meeting of the negotiating body of the UAE (non-permanent member of the 2022 Security Council), alongside permanent members of France and China. WAM With reference to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates.

“As a member of the Security Council, the UAE, together with France, China, Ireland and Norway, has requested a closed meeting of the Council on Monday to discuss the latest developments and ways to advance international efforts to achieve a just and comprehensive peace,” the UAE said. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.

The message also stated that the Emirate urged both parties to restraint.

Previously became knownThe number of people who lost their lives in the airstrike carried out by Israel on the Gaza Strip rose to 24.

The Israel Defense Forces press service reported that it launched Operation Dawn on Friday, August 5, and hit targets of the Palestinian radical group Islamic Jihad (the organization is banned in Russia) in Gaza. In response, more than 100 rockets were launched from Gaza into the country.

Source: Gazeta


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