“I ran behind and started cutting.” What is known about the brutal murder of a schoolgirl in Novosibirsk

15 blades

On the evening of July 26, a 27-year-old man attacked a 17-year-old girl with a knife on a busy street in the Nizhnyaya Eltsovka microdistrict in Novosibirsk. The massacre was recorded by the video recorder of one of the cars passing by. In the footage released by the AST-54 Black Telegram channel, it is seen that the girl tried to escape, but the man knocked her down. One of the eyewitnesses tries to stop the criminal but does not dare to approach as he stabs.

“The deceased had pepper spray in his bag that he could not use. There is information that previous statements about the threats were made by the deceased. Usually his family would not let him go out in the evening, ”the message of the Telegram channel says.

In the regional division of the Investigative Committee saidHe stated that a criminal case was opened within the scope of the “Murder” article regarding the incident.

“It was determined that verbal conflict broke out between the suspect and the victim in the evening on July 26, 2022 on the grounds of jealousy. The person involved during the fight injured the girl with at least 15 knives from various parts of her body. Of the bodily injuries received, the second died at the scene and the suspect fled,” he said.

And in the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Novosibirsk clarifiedAt 22:30 he received a message about the injury of a girl on Lesosechnaya Street.

“As a result of the measures taken, the suspect was identified – it turned out to be a 27-year-old acquaintance of the deceased, who was previously accused of beating and threatening to kill. Routing has been sent to all open-air police units,” he said.

Only the next day, around 9 am, police officers detained a man in the Leninsky district on Khilokskaya Street. It turned out that the prisoner was planning to flee abroad.

“The suspect confessed,” the Ministry of Interior said.

kill out of jealousy

A friend of the deceased told socialbites.ca that he had been meeting with the murderer Roman for about two years. He beat the girl, but his friends did not suspect anything, because in public they “sat and talked beautifully.”

“The novel threatened him often, but not in public. Romans were also often seen intoxicated. For 15 years he tried to meet girls, could go out on the street or write to them on social networks. Nastya said that she was tired of the jealousy of the Romans, they often quarreled, and then they broke up, ”said Nastya.

According to her, the mother of the deceased at first was not against her daughter’s communication with a man, even helping her find a job. After the departure of the young people, he did not allow the girl to go for a walk, but on the fateful evening of July 26, he nevertheless allowed her to leave the house.

“Many say they’re following him. Nastya was a kind person, but she never allowed herself to be offended. Nastya drank, but very rarely tried to fight her addiction, but then she realized that she could not change it. But he himself never used it, ”the friend concluded.

One of the murdered woman’s classmates said that the girl had just finished ninth grade.

“Roman ran after him and started cutting him with a knife. She was very angry with him. They’ve been friends for a few months and she was very jealous of him, ”said Sib.fm.

The publication also said, referring to the words of local residents, that Roman “was around” all day for a 17-year-old girl, “wrote his loving words and called her the most beautiful”, “ready.” everything for him.” But tired of the fan, the schoolgirl began to avoid him.

Novosibirsk children’s ombudsman Nadezhda Boltenko told Sib.fm that all necessary assistance will be provided to the family of the murdered woman.

According to the Mash Siberia Telegram channel, this is not the first time Roman has attacked a girl with a knife, he has already been prosecuted for a similar crime. According to the channel, he went after another minor before him. They met in 2017, but broke up when he started raising his hand to a female student.

One day, while walking to school with a friend, a man tracked down a girl. He repeatedly hit the girl, pushed her into the concrete and began to threaten her with a knife. A passerby called the police, but Roman managed to stab the girl in the neck and chest, and the girl was taken by ambulance. In 2020, the man received a year in a colony settlement, but was released straight from the courtroom due to time spent in custody being taken into account.

In Novosibirsk, a man stabbed a 17-year-old girl in front of eyewitnesses – the moment of the brutal murder was captured on a DVR camera. After 15 stabbings, the girl died and the killer escaped. Subsequently, a suspect was detained – a 27-year-old acquaintance of the deceased had already confessed to everything. Friends of the deceased say that the man threatened, beat, persecuted and killed him out of jealousy.

Source: Gazeta


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