These are the most profitable municipalities to invest in housing in Alicante

The rise experienced rental price does it every time last year more profitable to buy a house to put on the market Looking for tenant. Even more so when compared to the insufficient profitability offered by other products such as time deposits or the high volatility experienced in the equity markets.

In this way, the profitability that the owners can achieve in the last year province of Alicante increased by seven tenths, 6.7% per year, according to the calculations of the Fotocasa portal. Yes, slightly lower than the national average of 6.9% and the regional average of 8.2%.

In any case, it should be noted that there are gains for investors. They vary a lot from one municipality to another. within the province, depending on the cost of buying the property and the prices that tenants are willing to pay.

In this way, those who want to get the highest profitability by investing in housing in the province of Alicante should now bet. Father christmas, According to the aforementioned portal, the annual profit with rent can reach 10.2% of the invested amount. A figure that has doubled in the last ten years.

It is also particularly interesting when: Torreviejaannual return is 7.3% and alcoholWhere it reaches 7% according to Fotocasa’s calculations.

Similarly, it is above the provincial average. AlicanteDespite higher purchase prices posted, profits have reached 6.9% per year since rents have also increased significantly.

List showing the profitability of the main municipalities of the Community of Valencia. David Navarro

Already below average St. Vincentwhere buying to lease yields a return of 6.6%, El Campello. Inside elche while the housing return is 6.4%, Benidorm It stays at 5.9%. The municipality with the lowest profitability in the province orihuelawith 4.7%.

At the national level, the province with the best results in this business is Huelva, where investors can generate an annual return of 11.1%, followed by Murcia with 8.8%; and Valencia, with another 8.8%. On the contrary, it is Ourense that offers the lowest return at 5%.

Photocasa Director of Operations, MarĂ­a Matos, said: “Housing profitability is investment focus With less market risk. As a matter of fact, real estate investments have become a haven in the face of the uncertainty created by the war in Ukraine and the inflation levels that have shaken Europe and our country. After the positive development and recovery after the pandemic, many small individuals who perceive this market as safe and commit to housing as a shelter value in order to prevent the loss of value of their savings and start investing.

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