Sharks walking in Papua New Guinea caught on video

On the coast of Papua New Guinea, scientists filmed a shark crossing a puddle on its fins. informs Live science.

The animal turned out to be an epaulette shark (Hemiscyllium ocellatum), the only shark that can walk on land. Scientists believe that epaulette sharks developed the ability to walk because this helped them to feed in conditions where other sharks could not survive.

Scientists believe that these shark species on fins can cover a distance of 30 meters or more, this is possible due to the fact that the shark can stay out of the water for up to an hour.

In the future, scientists hope to answer the question of how a species with such little genetic diversity in its populations can produce such apparently different individuals. The patterns on the distinguishing points of the epaulet shark are so variable that no two individuals are exactly alike. Some scientists believe that epaulettes can change their color pattern at will.

ancient scientists may be the first time Catch deep sea squid prey.

Source: Gazeta


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