The turkeys pecked the boy’s eye, the pig bit his fingers. How do pets attack people?

“They attacked five of us and gouged out one of our eyes”

The niece of 26-year-old Anastasia Tikhonova encountered poultry aggression when she came to her grandmother’s village in the Krasnoyarsk Territory almost ten years ago.

“I myself still lived in a small town near Krasnoyarsk, and my sister came from Sochi with her 12-year-old daughter Marina. As expected, I met her at grandma’s house “for the summer”. Help the animals in the garden. One day they sent me to graze Indians and turkeys. Sadly, I took my nephew with me. At first everything was calm, I went to the swamp with a net and a bucket to collect duckweed for the bird – they love it, but are afraid to get into the water themselves. Mariska stayed to look after the living creatures. He began to tease the turkeys, as is typical for all children – he chased them, shouted, ”says Anastasia.

At the same time, according to her, Marina often “outraged” the birds, but they never reacted – they just froze and squeak.

“As soon as we brought the birds to the turkey house, two of them perched and we had to feed them. Well, the little one came up to one of them. I said don’t come close, they said you can’t go to them now, but he didn’t listen, he said he was not afraid of anything. I wanted to distract him from the rush, because in the blink of an eye I did not have time, five turkeys flew to him, he began to peck, scratch.

I had a chilling fear, I could not even move, I frightened them, and Marina resisted as best she could, but she could not stand it for long – she fainted. I somehow got the turkeys away from him, pulled him out in blood, screamed and sobbed, fought real hysterics.

Parents and grandmother immediately ran, took her in their arms and took her to the hospital, ”says Tikhonova.

Marina returned home in a bandage and without one eye – pecked. That same evening, the father of the family chopped up the turkeys with a shovel, and Marina still can’t eat turkey meat. He has a prosthesis instead of an eye.

Piggy Mashka with pink bow and two gnawed fingers

Two years ago, 30-year-old Yevgeny Kochurov also came to visit his grandparents in the village. That summer, great-uncle Mikhail lost two fingers right in front of his eyes. “Uncle Misha” suffered from his sister’s beloved pig.

“My grandmother Lyudmila Vasilyevna is the only veterinarian in several villages and towns. Different animals were often brought to him when he was sick, and when they found out there was something wrong with him, they offered to kill them or keep them because it housed many such “rejected” individuals. Grandma always left them and nursed them. Once a small pig was brought to him. One leg was shorter than the others, and in general he was a kind of “consumer” – he was thin, ate weak. In short, they fused her grandmother, ”said Eugene.

Lyudmila Vasilievna raised a pig for several years and loved it “terribly”, knitted a pink ribbon on it and allowed her to take a walk around the village, and also affectionately called it Masha.

“Uncle Misha was not a peasant, he rarely came to visit his grandmother. This time he expressed his desire to feed the living. It was a new experience for him. I was there and fed the rabbits.

Then I hear a wild scream, Uncle Misha running away from the herd, blood gushing from his hand but missing two fingers. They immediately called an ambulance and searched for her index and middle fingers as she screamed. Everything was in vain. Uncle Misha was immediately taken away in an ambulance and we continued to search – but after several hours of searching we could not find him. It seems that the pig still ate it, ”evgeny believes.

At the same time, Evgeny believes that Uncle Misha will partly blame himself, because he “did not listen to the golden rule: never feed a pig from your hand”.

“Grandma has not changed her relationship with Masha after that, she also loves and cherishes her. The grandfather offered to kill the pig immediately after the incident, but the grandmother was behind him with a mountain, ”says Kochurov.

The cow is lifted on its horns and thrown into the rebar.

Elizaveta Shutova, 19, was about five years old when she was attacked by a cow while returning from pasture.

“We had two cows – one kind and the other bad – constantly beaten, kicked when milked. They differed only in color on the muzzle. All the cows always came back from the pasture with a shepherd, who at the end of the day left them at their owner’s house and we opened the door for them to enter the herd. So this time it happened, ”says Shutova.

That day, the owners opened the door, but only one cow came in, and the second across the road was eating the neighbor’s raspberries through the fence. At that time, the grandmother went to fetch water.

“The smartest and most independent I went to the cow, I wanted to see if it was a good cow and take it home. He suddenly turns around and I realize it’s an angry cow. I immediately started running back and he suddenly ran after me.

I went through three houses before the cow grabbed me and rammed me. My grandmother saw this, she immediately rushed to me, and I twitched, screamed … And in the villages there are power lines along the roads – such concrete slings. And around them were luminaries. The cow usually lifted me up on its horns and threw me sideways on one of the links. My front was pierced, but the piece of iron did not pass.

He was lucky that the hip artery was not punctured – very little remained, ”Elizaveta shared.

Now, as a reminder of the angry cow, the girl has one big seam left.

“Had it been a little more, Hunter would have pulled out a piece of meat”

The father of 25-year-old Albert Demidov has been breeding shepherd dogs in his cottage near Moscow for many years. Two shepherd dogs belonged to him. A few years ago, a dog named Hunter attacked a neighbor.

“We had several dogs, one female and one male. They brought the puppies we sold. The female was cool and calm, we used to ride her when we were little, but the male – very crazy – is a real devil, not a dog. Neither a fence nor a single aviary can hold the Hunter. He only obeyed his father and behaved decently only in his presence, ”says Albert.

Because of this anger, the dog was often put on a chain near the most delicious apple tree, from which passersby constantly stole apples. However, when Hunter approached the apple tree, no one dared to approach.

“One day there was no one at home and the dog was still sitting on a chain. A smart man – very drunk and not local – decided to climb an apple tree and apparently grab a bite to eat. When it went down, of course it was noticed. The hunter pulled the thief by the leg of his pants and, as he struggled, grabbed his ass with a deadly grip and did not let go. When my mom and I got home, the man was lying under the dog and crying, begging the dog to tell him to let it go, but we couldn’t do anything – he didn’t listen to anyone.

As a result, the man spent three hours with a piece of meat in Hunter’s mouth. Hunter growled as he twitched. Lucky for the man, my mom and dad showed up five minutes later. He gave the command, the dog immediately folded his ears and rushed to lick his father. As if nothing had happened. The ambulance was planting the thief’s ass in our yard, a few more centimeters – and a piece of meat would come out completely.

On the other hand, he will no longer climb other people’s apple trees, ”says Albert.

The ambulance was very lucky – instead of an eye, a piece of horn came out.

In 1993, 44-year-old Stanislav Makarov witnessed how a cow strangled a shepherd in one of the villages of the Samara region.

“The shepherd was a very young man, who recently started grazing his village flock with his more experienced and older colleague. “I don’t know exactly what they didn’t share with the cows, what caused their anger, but one of the cows started chasing him in the field,” he said.

According to him, the young man escaped from the cow for 15-20 minutes, but soon he ran out of steam, and he boldly tried to stop the pressure, grabbing the animal by the horns with his hands.

“As a result, the hand fell and the cow’s horn hit the shepherd’s eye. At that moment, a senior shepherd came, who broke the cow’s horn with the butt of an ax and calmed the animal. The shepherd was alive, but a piece of horn was sticking out of his eye socket. The ambulance took him to the district hospital with a piece of horn sticking out instead of the eye.

As far as I know, the man survived and even remained talented – the brain was almost unaffected. But of course he lost his eyes, ”said Makarov.

cat biting finger to bone

Anastasia Rudkevich from Moscow was injured a few years ago when her cat bit her finger to the bone.

“My cat, who currently lives in my homeland in Bashkiria, got cancer a few years ago. They had terrible growths, they bleed non-stop. No medicine helped him, it all took too long and was very painful for him. At the time of everything, I was already living in Moscow and came to my father to be with my pet and go to a good doctor with him, ”says Anastasia.

Only on inspection everything went wrong. The cat fell ill from the stress and pain that constantly tormented him and began to show aggression.

“I tried to pick up the cat and it bit my right little finger.

I covered the whole examination table with blood, all the clothes were in blood. At first, I didn’t even realize that something was wrong with the adrenaline. When they returned home, of course, they treated the finger. But it started to swell so much that at one point I couldn’t move it. A quick trip to the emergency room saved my finger from serious consequences, and I escaped with a fright and a few scars. True, the finger healed for a very long time. At the appointment, the traumatologist said that the cat bit my finger to the bone.

But my attitude towards the cat, of course, has not changed in any way. It seems to me that I began to feel more sorry for him, ”says Rudkevich.

On July 25, a resident of the Irkutsk region was attacked and killed by a neighbor’s wild boar, who had escaped from its owner. The animal gnawed the artery in the man’s leg, died from blood loss. It is not uncommon for pets and livestock to severely injure a person after which people are left without fingers, eyes or a piece of meat. About how animals deprive people of body parts and gnaw from skin to bones – in the material

Source: Gazeta


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