Brussels frees second tranche of 12,000 million for Spain after approval of Twenty-Seven

The European Commission approved this Friday payment of the second tranche of the bailout fund to Spainwhich amount 12 billion €After the approval of the twenty-seven countries of the EU and the green light after the Community Steering Committee.

Approval of the part of the second milestones and goals package will require the payment of 12,000 million euros. To be added to the pre-financing of € 9,036 million from mid-August last year and up to EUR 10,000 million of the first payment received in 2021.

This second payout of the recovery plan corresponds to the fulfillment of 40 milestones and goals — 31 milestones and nine goals — that have been fulfilled. During the second half of 2021.

The payment comes after EU countries’ approval through the Economic and Financial Committee (EFC) and final approval from Brussels through the Recovery and Resilience Fund commission.

Spain Became the first EU country to make a formal request to receive the second payment. This chapter corresponds to the implementation of measures to transform and rebalance the labor relations and pension system in the Spanish economy; Among these, labor reform and public pension system reform stand out.

After the payment of this 12,000 million euros, the payment to Spain amounts to 31,000 million euros, representing 44% of the total funds corresponding to it.

The second part deals with the determination of the measures. reduce temporary employment Y the proportion of such contracts the labor market, collective bargaining rules, the stability of pensions or the sustainability of public spending.

Within the green and digital axes, this second payment also includes the endorsement of the Roadmap for offshore wind power and other offshore energies; Strategy for Safe, Sustainable and Connected Mobility, the Digital Bill of Rights, enactment of the RD-Law to protect workers engaged in home delivery activities using digital platforms, or tax measures to accelerate the deployment of a 5G network.

Between Other measures regarding the second payment There are some measures to strengthen resilience, economic growth and regional cohesion, such as modernizing the Tax Office, approving the Basic Care and Community Care Action Plan, and improving the functioning of the food chain.

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