A young man attacked the salesman of an Asian shop in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

A unidentified young man attacked an Asian shop clerk this Friday From the capital of Gran Canaria take 150 euros from the safe. had to be a victim transported by ambulance to Doctor Negrin Hospital For the blows the attacker inflicted on himself woodaccording to local police sources who initially appeared in the establishment.

The incidents took place at around three o’clock in the afternoon in a shop on the corner of the street. Presidente Alvear street with Néstor de la Torre. A young man in a hoodie and mask entered the building with a large wooden plank in hand and began attacking the shop assistant after threatening him. After a few minutes of fighting, the attacker asked the victim to give him the 150 euros that were in the safe, according to the woman’s complaint, who had to be transferred to Doctor Negrín for the injuries she had caused.

local police ran a quick scan to try to successfully find the attacker. Now it will be the National Police that will investigate the facts and try to find the culprit. recorded on video camera from its establishment.

Source: Informacion


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