Russians are offered to pay their 13th pension before the New Year holidays

new year pension

With the intention of submitting to the State Duma a bill on the payment of the 13th pension to Izvestia said On the device of the Just Russia – For Truth faction. In addition to the additional pension for December, the authors of the document propose to increase the fixed payment to the old-age insurance pension for people who have reached the age of 70, and not 80, as determined in the current version. live.

The explanatory note on the bill states that according to the AgeWatch global index, Russia ranks only 65th out of 96 countries in terms of social and economic well-being of the elderly.

“Strong steps must be taken to improve the lives of the elderly. Old age should cease to be associated with poverty and deprivation, ”the authors of the document quote from the publication.

Sergei Mironov, head of the Just Russia – For Truth group, said that the bill proposes to pay the 13th pension every year on the eve of the New Year holidays. The parliamentarian is confident that “the establishment of an additional old-age pension will improve the well-being of this category of citizens, and will also help restore social justice for people who have worked all their lives for the development of the country”.

“Today, it is also important as a measure of additional stimulus for consumer demand for the development of the domestic economy in the face of a sharp decline in imports of goods and services. In the end, you must understand that this government spending will go through the consumer market specifically to support our businesses. And today, under the conditions of Western sanctions, this is one of the most important tasks,” he said.

The group believes that the payments will require about 654.8 billion rubles from the federal budget.

Liberal Democratic Party idea

The LDPR reminded the publication that its own faction made a similar initiative to the State Duma at the behest of the party’s former chairman, Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Deputies believe that the implementation of the bill on the 13th pension will require more – about 786 billion rubles.

According to the deputy head of the faction Yaroslav Nilov, large pensions in Russia today are received by a very limited category of people – cosmonauts, deputies and officials. The rest of senior citizens receive a subsistence pension – “crumbs”.

In turn, the head of the Russian Pensioners’ Union, Valery Ryazansky, said that most Russian pensioners need additional financial support. In his opinion, pensions should be introduced in the country in the amount of two to two and a half subsistence minimums.

According to him, the main factor that can change the situation for the better is indexation, which can also be considered as the payment of the 13th pension.

“But it seems to me that the State Duma will not support this initiative, since there is no such money in the budget of the pension fund,” said Ryazansky.

longstanding initiative

Sergei Mironov spoke about the need to introduce the payment of the 13th pension in Russia in 2013. According to him, Russian legislation gives pensioners the right to increase their pension when they reach the age of 80, but this rule should be extended to citizens aged 70.

“Our new initiative will be as follows: granting the 13th pension to every Russian pensioner who has turned 70. A well-known circumstance, many people know the 13th salary. We recommend that pensioners who have reached the age of 70 receive the 13th pension every year, ”Mironov said before the meeting of the Congress of Deputies of Fair Russia.

In December last year, return to this idea. He then noted that the 13th pension was necessary “to combat poverty in the country.”

“Retirees are the most socially vulnerable citizens, and the state is obliged to provide them with support in the form of additional payments,” Mironov said.

He reminded that in December, citizens began to actively take out consumer loans, and there was an increase in microfinance loans. At the same time, “banks and MFIs are most willing to give money to retirees.” Despite their low income, seniors are still seen as “attractive borrowers” because they regularly receive monthly pensions. And “if they have difficulty repaying, creditors will be able to collect the debt through the courts and then forcibly withdraw money from a debit card for which the state pension is accrued”.

“I hope that many retirees who receive their 13th pension will refuse loans. People will not have to go into debt and then pay it with huge unbearable interest, ”Mironov said.

The group Just Russia – For Truth plans to submit to the State Duma a bill “On Amendments to the Insurance Pension Act”, which provides for the payment of the 13th pension, during the autumn session. Party deputies are confident that the adoption of such a document will improve the lives of the elderly and that old age will no longer be associated with poverty and deprivation. The head of the Social Revolutionaries, Sergei Mironov, has been supporting this idea since 2013.

Source: Gazeta


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