The little magic of ‘Stranger Things’: “My kids want to live in the 80s”

Marta, 48, has been a little weird for the past few days. That she slumbering in the eyes of her children, a kind of underworld ‘boomer’Suddenly, the queen of domestic conversations became her mother. “Mom, did you have a neighborhood gang when you were little?” “You’ve been on your bike all day and your grandparents didn’t know anything?” “Did you get in trouble?” Marta, a mother of 11 to 15-year-olds, modifies the answer as she can—to be honest, it would be three yeses like three cathedrals—meanwhile, she joins this so-called nostalgic teenage epidemic, not without some surprise. She didn’t even smell coincidentally in the decade of the ’80s.”I would love to live in your younger years” Clara, the youngest, told him a few days ago.

You will guess the reason for this sudden and prefabricated longing. Clara, like her friends Berta and Amanda, is watching the show’s fourth season.stranger things‘. And they could be said to be under the spell of a series – the young wing got a good look – there’s no sign of this figure as contemporary as supposed helicopter dads or moms: the adults popular culture portrays. as they run around their children every day, in order not to break the stereotype, so that they are thirsty or have bad thoughts that lead them to an unhappy future.

Wars ‘boomer’

This could be the last. But the truth is, Clara, of course already hellfire club tee (The series’ leading group, who are fans of role-playing games) is shocked by all the summer battles in town, now at her request, her mother tells her. Just like when they walk into a farm and two Dobermans go out and spend a day feverishly in bed after pedaling until they get tired. Or when they walk into a dilapidated house and urinate on it because a man suddenly shows up. “We do different things during the colonies, but it’s not much of an adventure when the parents are around.says Clare.

However, it’s not just about freedom and the fascination with children’s lives that are off the radar of adults (“I had to explain to my daughters that this wasn’t true, Your parents wouldn’t know anything if you didn’t go home to sleep in the ’80s‘, explains Ágata, fascinated by the mother of two daughters).

Actually, ‘Stranger Things’ is a magnificent piece that appeals to the pop image of the ’80s since 2022. and this managed to get on the nerves of the youngest. For example, there’s the mullet haircut and the eighties look that oscillates between heavy metal and the aesthetic of the American suburban school.MEAT‘– he replaces the trends of the eighties with retro bikes, Vans sneakers and classic commuter tees and jeans. Or what can we say about Kate Bush’s ‘Running up that Hill’ in the eighties that blasted TikTok and Spotify along with Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’, who jumped into the 21st century.

Friendship, girls and LGBTI

But if something captivated the young audience beyond, this romanticized ‘Lord of the Flies’ vision no doubta strong sense of friendship and loyalty from that ragtag gang Those who make up those who know the secret of Hawkskins. And especially when it comes to girls, the key role of girls too. “It’s all so bossy, it didn’t happen in ‘Super 8’ or ‘The Goonies’, the protagonists were always men“,” says Clara. Her friend Berta also points to the LGTBI component, something even more unheard of in the mainstream this decade than the gender factor. “I loved the scene where Will talks to Mike about Once’s feelings. she notices when she talks about herself and her brother,” she adds.

Even nostalgic—to the extent that it appeals to the fetishisms of the decade, such as the Michael Myers mask Eddie wore in the ‘Halloween’ saga, or the demonic cults that marked the horrors of the decade—the series’ alphabetic terror. Gender to the younger generation learning what it’s like to grit your teeth and have a really bad time while having fun. you get attached, you get sad and you laugh with the characters“, as Bertha said.

designed emotion

All these echoes that any time in the past was freer and more fun – and we’ve already seen Berta and her friends share some of that – actually responds to this: an effective and millimetrically designed feeling. They will agree that appealing to nostalgia is as old as literature or marketing, but what ‘Stranger Things’ does is something else. It’s actually called ‘it’backward marketing‘ and occurs”feeding the so-called nostalgia“because after all, a significant portion of their intended consumers (down the “centuries”) never experienced the original.

“It is a revival of a product or service from a historical era that marketers often update to ultramodern standards of performance and taste,” academics Tom van Laer and David Christian Orazi said on the ‘Speaking’ platform days ago. In this sense, Pipo Virgós, creative director of the Wunderman Thompson agency, “The series glorifies what has been going on in cinema and literature for years“With books and movies that appeal to 80s folklore through a nostalgic prism like ‘Ready Player One’ or ‘Super 8’,” he said.grease‘ – A glimpse into the youth of the ’50s from 1978 – or how the “hippie era fascinated later generations” and became an economic and cultural goldmine.

they will accept it this uncritical and decontextualized nostalgia does not serve to better understand time. –heroin was very common among teenagers in those years and sexual assaults were seen as something aimed only at boys – but yes creates an emotional refuge and identification that can nurture any industry and it assumes there’s currently a goldmine for big chains, pausing with everything that could be series-related, from t-shirts to funkos.

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