Inside last concert bad rabbit At Jose M. Angelot at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico, the artist had the opportunity to express his views on Pedro Pierluisi’s work throughout his term starting in 2020.

Thus, after the singer performed the song “El Apagón” Warned that Puerto Rico is the only country where you need to rent an electric generator before the light of the show room went out as it had been on the island more than once.

It’s a fact often experienced since the private company LUMA Energy. took the reins of my transmission a year ago and electricity distribution from Puerto Rico, whose operations are defended by Pierluisi.

We have a government that is destroying us all days. Worst electrical system, this is the only place I have to build about 15 industrial power plants when I introduce myself… LUMA damn,” said Bad Bunny. “All the mamabichos who own Pierluisi and Puerto. Added Rico to ‘Fuck’.

Reply from Pierluisi

But criticism Not badly received by the governor Since this Sunday, Puerto Rico has chosen to defend its freedom of expression in the face of any insult it receives, including insults by Bad Bunny at a concert on the island Thursday.

With that in mind, Pierluisi told the press at the annual meeting of the Democratic Party central committee in Puerto Rico: “We all respect and value freedom of expressionincluding concerts and arts events.” “What I can say and I’m glad the concerts took placeThere was a great turnout and the public liked them very much,” he said.

However, Pierluisi Defended his job as CEO He thanked Puerto Rico for fighting crime, improving education and health systems, rebuilding the island from hurricanes and earthquakes, and stressing the local economic contribution of concerts and musical performances in Puerto Rico that also contribute to island tourism.