carlos alcaraz He failed to defend the title at the ATP 250 in Umag. And the afternoon started in the best possible way for Murcian, beat Jannik Sinner in the first set (7-6) In a tie-break with high level tennis demonstrated by both players. Alcaraz was better at the decisive moment and took the first set.

In the second, he wasted up to six intermediate balls on Sinner’s first serve and eventually got the ballot. From there, the scenario changed. The sinner grew and Alcaraz dwarfed. There was no other story after that point. Sinner beat the next two sets 6-1 in a double and left Murcian with an obvious bad taste in his mouth after losing two consecutive finals (Hamburg and Umag) in just weeks, and he also failed to save his first set. The ATP title is a special affectionate occasion.

It had been less than a month since they had last seen each other’s faces. ‘The match of the future’ meets again in ATP250 final in UmagWhere Carlos Alcaraz reigned last year and defended the title for the first time.

Sinner-Carlos. Carlos Sinner. A duel that will be repeated many times over the next ten years. 19-year-old Murcian and 20-year-old Italian, already two of ATP’s biggest attractions. Stuck in the top 10, they are referred to as the great judges of the circuit.

They had already met three times before the final in Umag. Two fell into the Murcia team, but last and foremost, less than a month ago at Wimbledon, they were won by the Italian tennis player.

Carlos Alcaraz broke up with youA slight nepotism before the final as it is the surface the Murcian likes best and the Sinner least comfortable with. And the Italian had put together an excellent tournament without losing a single set. Still, with an ankle bandage and doubts after the long-suffering victory in the semifinals, Alcaraz started out as the favorites of the bets.

It was known in advance that the match would not correspond to the ATP 250 level. It was a high level match. Both of them made him see that from the start.

A great level in the first set

None of them fell short of their service. In fact, neither of them could break their opponent’s serve in the first set. Both dominated the right flank, hitting the ball with every hit, making long rallies difficult to see. And while they were there, Alcaraz cut them off with one of their left features.

Murcian took the first set, but did not take the first pain. It was a tie-break because there was no break in the set. He reached 6-6 and there, in the decisive moments, the Murcian’s best rivalry. They went 5-1 on unlikely points, although Sinner rowed to make up for the result. In the end, he could not stand it and left the set (7-6) in favor of Alcaraz.

Carlitos celebrated the first set in style. The opposite of Sinner, who is seen with a sad and sad look. He had to take advantage of the high morale and the setback of his opponent. Alcaraz smelled blood and what it was. He started by winning his serve and had six break points on Sinner’s serve. Murcian didn’t benefit from any of them, so the match continued at his own pace (1-1).

The sinner grows

As the sinner began to fall, he appeared in the next match to break Alcaraz’s serve, and that was the first of the match.. From saving six break balls in the previous game to breaking them later. Jannik Sinner is a mental rock. Also technically very good.

It was Carlos Alcaraz who started having bad times after that break. From a possible 2-0, they found themselves trailing 1-5 after Sinner served them for the second consecutive time. He lost his head, began to strike senseless blows. The second set ended with Sinner (6-1) after crushing Murcian.

Alcaraz, the judge

Carlos Alcaraz couldn’t do anything in the third round against tennis that Jannik Sinner showed. He made more mistakes than he could handle against such an opponent, and he paid a heavy price for it. And he had break balls to break his serve while still 1-1 in the third round. They were eventually saved by Sinner and just like in the second set, the scoreboard was decided against the Italians (5-1) within minutes. Sinner served to win and did not fail, confirming the final 6-1.

Carlitos had nine break balls to break the Sinner’s serve, but benefited from none of them and the team’s solidity and persistence. When the Italians got worse, they despaired.

With this defeat, Alcaraz added Hamburg and Umag to their second final, which they lost in just a few weeks. It’s a complicated moment for Murcian before facing a major part of the season with two Masters 1,000s and the USOpen. It’s a learning moment for Alcaraz, which will definitely show itself again at its best.