The young woman from Madrid, who was in a coma for three months after plastic surgery, died.

Silvia Idalia Serranoyoung women He remained in a induced coma for months. In the intensive care unit of La Paz in Madrid various aesthetic interventionsHe died this Saturday, Europa Press sources reported.

Silvia Various interventions were made in the same operation on April 26. carried out in one of the centers. CEME clinic. However, he was discharged the next day. the severe pain and according to the clinic this was normal. young at last admitted to the intensive care unit with a serious infection that led to months of induced comaHe woke up a few weeks ago when he noticed a slight improvement in his condition.

The girl’s family took the case to court. serious reckless injury crime. The case is pending at the Madrid 46th Criminal Court of First Instance, which continues its investigation on charges of intentionally injuring both the surgeon who performed the operation and another doctor.

They claim from the clinic that the operation was carried out without complications and everything went well, they do not know why the deceased was infected by a battery with serious consequences.

Source: Informacion


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