Victim of Jorge Igancio Palma: “I reported it so it would be known that Marta Calvo was not an accident”

He’s nervous. She doesn’t quite trust that her privacy, which has been jealously guarded for decades, could be torn apart by a slip, a carelessness. He agreed to meet face-to-face with a journalist and a media organization for the first time. And to let him pose for a press photographer: he is not afraid that it will steal his soul, but A small nuance captured in this image is breaking down the walls she jealously built to protect herself and her four children.. The suspicion is unfounded: the ingenuity of the graphic editor captured its essence without revealing its identity.

Erinia – clearly a fictitious name; hers and the woman he uses for prostitution are less extravagant – she’s one of eight (known) women who survived a sexual relationship with serial killer Jorge Ignacio Palma Jacome, awaiting sentence after the jury sued him. five long weeks thinking of him guilty of three completed murders – Arliene Ramos, Lady Marcela Vargas and Martha Bald– and six more tried –one of the victims fell off his horse during the trial because he didn’t “re-live the nightmare” another did not include the charge of attempting to kill one’s life. Erinia is one of those six.

Guilty admitted he was “happy” with his decisionAnyone who knows what’s going on in this recap has told me to stay calm, that it’s impossible not to condemn him. But there was this possibility. I knew this could happen. That person cannot be free. Dangerous“.

The day he was due to testify in court, fear, anguish, and anger consumed him. It was the first and only time he spoke to one of the other girls scheduled for the same day as him. As we waited in a room ten meters from the courtroom, “we passed three sentences about how nervous we were and how afraid we were to go in.” Fear of the accused? “Partly yes. I’ve been with him three times. I saw the high-purity cocaine he was carryingthe way she dresses, her threats… When I last saw her a few days before Marta, she left saying she would ‘shoot’ me and a friend who came to my defense. That man is a drug dealer And he is Colombian. If I’m free, I know you’ll come for me. And for other girls.”

fear of disbelief

But she also feared that the jury would not believe her, that they would not try her as a victim but for her prostitution activity.. He was wrong. Nine members of the people’s court analyzed only the facts, not the persons, and therefore found Palma guilty of the 30 serious crimes for which he was charged. Perpetrated against the lives and physical integrity of their victims, as well as those who sexually abuse them by smudging cocaine into their genitals, and drug traffickers for forcing them into non-consensual consumption.

This woman has been prostitution for twenty years. She, like the others, came out of necessity. She was kicked out of the house at the age of 17 and before she knew it, she became pregnant in a short-lived relationship that didn’t allow her to dream of starting a family. When she turned to prostitution to feed her daughter, she was no longer free, so that wasn’t an option either..

With the vast experience in that world he had come out of and had through the seasons. He was able to give his children an education that he could not even imagine when he was at school age.Listening is learning. Has a prostitute ever offered or tried to insert cocaine into her genitals? “Never. And for so many years and many clients. Never. The white party, that’s what he wanted, he’s not. He uses cocaine during a sexual service. Or makes him use it, simulates it. At most, some ask you to pull it into your body or give a ‘flip’ to your penis.” ‘ but he wants you to insert it into your vagina and anus, and it’s that pure and that amounts of cocaine? Never. And I would never settle“, sentence.

In her case, there were three meetings with Palma. The first two are in a brothel in Campanar. The first passed with the normality of encountering a prostitute. “He wasn’t even carrying cocaine that day.” In the second, the wolf showed its teeth. “She tried very persistently to make him use cocaine, but he didn’t want to, so I didn’t trust him.. He got angry when I refused to take it myself. She looked at me menacingly and finally left.” Erinia winced. β€œIn all my years in this business, I have never felt threatened. Someone who is drunk, sometimes heavy… I was scared that day“. So much so that he left the ground and got out of the way.

“Is that stupid or what?”

Months passed until the third meeting, the last meeting. By then Erinia had become independent. He had rented a room in a hotel in Grao. Valencia. Found it from the ad photo. “When I came and saw it was him, I didn’t like it.Palma tried to take them home to Manuel, it was the end of October 2019. A little over a week passed before he killed Marta.. He had already killed Arliene and Lady Marcela.but only he knew.

Finally they entered the room. As soon as you start a relationship, caught her putting cocaine in her vagina. “I lifted a huge stone like a big grape seed.. ‘Don’t do this to me, huh?’ I said. And he acted crazy.” He did it again instantly. and Erinya got really scared. “At the time, I didn’t realize that you wanted to kill me. I ran half naked to scream for help Through the window. He didn’t move, was dizzy, and didn’t do anything while running. He was leaning against the wall, looking at me coldly, very calmly. I even thought, ‘How stupid is this?'”

Finally, C.managed to escape and went after him. His friend was on the street and confronted him. “Then he threatened usThe woman changed her phone and location, frightened to death, but the true extent of that episode was discovered weeks later.

“I turned white when I saw your face”

made of fear stop meeting prostitutes and went on to fill it as a manager on a senior dating floor. It was his partner who showed him a piece of news on the computer in December. “I looked at Marta’s face to see if I might recognize her, and saw that she didn’t.. As I continued to look, I saw his face and turned white. It was the same person who did this to me. I immediately called the police and filed a complaint the next day.. He thought that only the truth of what he had done to Marta would be known. He wasn’t going to let Marta stay as if she was addicted to cocaine and died by accident. At that moment, when I realized that his intention was to kill me, I was miraculously saved. and that when he looked at me he only expected to see me die. I couldn’t let Marta’s family not know the truth.”

And he fulfilled it. With all the police and court quotes. A lesson in kindness and solidarity for those who have the most to lose. Like other survivors. Without them, this decision might not be made today.

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