New Chilean Constitution sweeps bookstores to surprise advocates and detractors

Every Sunday, Turkey’s most conservative and at the same time illustrated newspaper ‘El Mercurio’ Chile publishes the list of best-selling books in the country. The “non-fiction” category placed the draft of the new Constitution released by LOM publishing house in the first place. Such consumer interest has caused real political turmoil. September 4 destiny one Magna Carta of the strong progressive court. LOM is usually dedicated to essays and art books. His successful dedication to the text to be submitted to a popular consultation surprised both “Confirm” advocates and “Red” advocates. “This has been an unprecedented phenomenon. Never has a book we published been so well received. 70,000 copies soldPaulo Slachevsky, director of the publishing house, told the El Mostrador portal.

Such greed for reading is interpreted as: possible change in attitude a segment of society referendum. Until a few weeks ago, the lack of interest in what to vote for was evident. Outright denied new Magna Carta even without reading its minimal content. Before you know the ‘El Mercurio’ rank, The polls clearly said “no” to the new Constitution. Advisory Panel Ciudadano gave the refusal a 10-point difference. But the CADEM research brought news. The “I approve” option would be found in 39% versus 47% of those who were inclined to throw away the text prepared within a year. A new predictive mathematical model developed and implemented by the Political Space predicted that a “yes” would be imposed on constitutional change.

In the context of these contradictory signs, an avalanche of buyers of LOM copies took place. In addition to announcing the ninth edition of the book, Slachevsky “is a sign that there are many people who want to learn about the Constitution.” said. It is added to 900,000 copies 162 pages distributed free of charge by the presidency of Gabriel Boric. The far-right Independent Democratic Union (UDI) complained that the State was using the money so Chileans could learn what was at stake via text, not social networks, where ‘fake news’ proliferated on a scale. TV host Cristián Warnken, one of the most staunch supporters of “Rechazo”, used the same pages of “El Mercurio” to demonize.intrusive pedagogyfrom the left government.

false facts

The bishops have just urged the public to an “informed understanding” and the next “conscientious vote”. September 4. Twitter and Facebook are repositories of knowledge about the future. expropriations destruction of farms and homes, destruction of national emblems, a judicial system for indigenous peoples and the deployment of security forces, and others disasters, if “Confirm” is applied. Rodrigo Espinoza, an academic at Diego Portales University, said that Chile is “a the spiral of fake news that’s really alarming“. A Constitution has even begun to circulate. fake to create more confusion and fear. Former conventional Giovanna Grandón denounced that neighbors on the outskirts of Santiago received leaflets with the official logo of the Constituent Assembly, but distorted all the articles in it.

Boric is in too much danger in this popular consultation. The President has already opened himself up to the possibility that the Magna Carta, the result of its drafting, will encourage another Constituent Assembly. Social epidemic at the end of 2019. It was drafted with a clear majority from the left and the centre-left. The right had no veto power over the proposals, but used all its media power to discredit the Assembly. Proponents of abolishing the institutional matrix of the last dictatorship (1973-90) argue that constitutional amendments will create better conditions for confronting the problems of inequality. 1% of Chileans own 49.6% of the wealth.

For now, the young president has received support for the “I approve” option. Michelle Bachelet. “With a new Constitution that puts what we all know in writing, decades of injustice may be a thing of the past: we are a country with many realities, different identities, but united by the same dignity and called to be protected by the same right. Solidarity,” he said. “Approving this new Constitution is the best starting point for making a reality what has been denied us for so long.” The final part of the election campaign, as with the 1988 plebiscite and the election victorious elections, is merely historical social will reissue the divisions. boric.

Source: Informacion


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