Brazil detains man who kept his family in jail for 17 years

A man has been detained in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, who had kept his family in prison for 17 years. G1.

“[Муж] beat with wire and sometimes with a piece of wood. It was already very aggressive, but over the years the aggression intensified,” the message says.

According to the police officers who carried out the arrest, two young men were found with the woman – they looked like 10-year-old children, but according to the mother, her children are 19 and 22 years old.

The mother and her children were abused by the woman’s husband, Luis Antonio Santos Silva, for 17 years. Their children never came into contact with other children, did not go to school, and lived with their mothers in unsanitary conditions.

They discovered it in Moscow in 2019 and detained A pedophile who keeps a 10-year-old boy as a slave in a communal flat.

Source: Gazeta


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