A good match to lead eSports

They discovered that they wanted to go to the same place and decided to walk the path together. BelobaA regulated cryptocurrency investment fund born in 2020 to invest in “business models where technology makes sense”. one million euros in the capital of the leading eSports club Team Queso video games designed for mobile devices, more commonly known as a mobile game. And they are both convinced that eSports will be the entertainment of the future and are determined to be one of its heroes.

In addition, what the two companies have in common is that they are tokenized above all to provide security, but also to raise capital and finance themselves. “The paths found each other and the match was very good,” explains Álvaro González, co-founder of Team Queso.

this symbolization The process by which data security is applied to convert an asset into a digital token that can be transported, stored or recorded on a blockchain. So, it’s basically a blockchain that eliminates the middleman and decentralizes all asset management. The control of the process belongs to the users.

Gaming and eSports is an expanding industry where the impact of blockchain technology is changing the business model, according to Lluís Mas, founder of Belobaba. Beyond economic investment, Belobaba will add to its experience in decentralized finance as the first hedge fund (free mutual fund) with a regulated security token.

In March of this year, the eSports club launched a funding round by issuing security tokens that entitle investors to participate in the company for up to 20% of the capital. Belobaba led the tour. “The entry fee for a small investor was 1000 euros,” says González.

Belobaba and Team Queso’s blockchain division, TQ Olympo, believe their strategic alliance marks the way forward in the tokenization of eSports while also facilitating access to blockchain games for investors and fans of the gaming club. “Exactly, one of the main challenges in this industry, which we see as one of the big opportunities, is the monetization of the fans,” González says.

Team Queso’s CEO explains that they estimate a 60% split of free cash flow, as presented to the CNMV. «The remaining 40% remains to reinvest in projects and continue to seek opportunities; In the most conservative scenario, we offer a return of 23% to 27%, in any case we provide a comfortable double digit.”

New business lines

Through this joint venture, the regulated crypto fund will have access to the entire community of a great worldwide team in terms of mobile gaming competition, which opens up a wide range of collaboration possibilities to grow both organizations by opening new lines. functions such as cross-marketing actions; educational programs on gaming, eSports, blockchain and cryptocurrencies; or the creation of a venture capital space for co-investment and use in new tokenized gaming projects. Team Queso has participated in seven different world championships in its five-year life. They won the Clash Royale world title in 2020 and are the current champions of the League of Legends Super League.

With the capital injection provided by Belobaba, the eSports club aims to develop different parts of the club, create content and invest in technology. “We are not afraid to take the first steps: we started competing in mobile games at a time when no one else was doing it, we started our own audio-visual production company, we started the design of our own video games, and at the same time, González is the first to enter the crypto community and symbolizes the capital of the club.”

Also, Team Queso does not intend to limit itself to providing entertainment content, but instead wants to provide extra value to its entire community and will provide free training courses to anyone who invests in the club for this purpose. It will also have a research team in blockchain games where the professionalization of these will be encouraged, as well as the games that the creators dedicate themselves to every day.

In that sense, the company’s co-founder assures that Team Queso has more in common with Disney or Netflix than with Real Madrid “because after all, competition is part of the business that serves as a catalyst for the entire series of possibilities for entertainment production.

Regarding the future, the two rulers confirm that there are no limits: “We don’t want to put them, but we don’t know where they are either. The pie is huge and we will take the biggest bite possible in all areas the business model allows us to.

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