Take a ride with inflation through the roof

After two summers marked by pandemic waves, families are trying to continue their holiday plans. According to the Chollometro website, proof of this is that the word “travel” was searched on Google four times more than last year. However, returning to normal seems difficult for the following reasons. price increase. “There is an exaggerated demand for vacation because for two years many people did not allow them to go on vacation. “Some will be able to spend more for the level of savings achieved, but others have already canceled their trips or adjusted their budgets.” Fernando Moner, President of the Consumers and Users Confederation (CECU). 30% of those who plan to go on holiday, especially at New Year’s cancelled and 40% they postponed their plansAccording to the Appinio market research platform. So, how to prevent the consumption of savings these days?

The key is to plan on a budget based on items and savings. Apps like Digit can help throughout the year by transferring small installments to a savings account. And when it comes to planning, the journey begins at the home computer. One tip is to book through incognito tabs to prevent search engines and cookies from archiving the crawl and seeing offers conditioned by Big Data so prices can be increased. “At least 70% of the trip needs to be planned correctly and the rest can be left to chance,” says Javier Santacruz, vice president of the Association of Educators and Financial Planners (AEPF).

According to ObservaTUR, it is estimated that Spaniards will spend an average of 610 euros on their holidays. “A lot of trips are arranged during the holidays, just as quantities are reduced and paid for in the consumption of essential goods,” says Antonio Gallardo, an expert at financial comparison firm Banqmi. All is not lost on those who rush to buy a ticket or book a hotel: “Last minute offers are very cheap options and different operators and hotels appear because they want to sell 100% of their offers, before they stay at 95%”, Moner says .

Traveling abroad or staying in Spain? It is common to want to get to know new cultures in foreign countries. In this case, visitors will see the euro depreciate and their purchasing power outside of Europe diminishing. “Right now it’s 15% more expensive to travel to the UK as a tourist and almost 20% more to the US than a year ago,” explains Santacruz. Experts also recommend that you avoid taking breaks when booking, avoid moving during peak hours and weekends, and use comparators. It’s also helpful to use free Wi-Fi networks, change currency outside the airport, and check for possible excess baggage on board. And more flexibility, more savings when traveling.

“Going on vacation with parents or grandparents is a trend to cut costs,” says the CECU president. In this case, the cost of the vehicle should be estimated, taking into account that the price of gasoline has doubled compared to the previous year. You can use an efficient way of driving, rent shared cars, or track where the cheapest fuel is to be refueled with different apps – for example Spain Gas Stations – can have an impact on a savings margin of between 8% and 15%. Data from the GasAll application.

best in apartment

Businesses that don’t have a kitchen for accommodation force you to go to restaurants that aren’t always cheap. Therefore, it is better to stay in a well-equipped apartment, consider campsites and hostels, or use free accommodation platforms such as couchsurfing or HomeExchange in exchange for opening hours or house exchange.

When pocket doesn’t meet aspirations, it may seem like the only option is to go into debt. “September can be overwhelming, and you should be able to pay off your debt as soon as possible, three to four months later, by Christmas at the latest,” Gallardo says. The peace of mind that insurance provides while traveling can save you from shocks, especially in countries during the summer months where the threat of air raids and restrictions still change the vacation universe. “In case of cancellation, you can request a refund, compensation or even an alternative flight from the airline,” Moner emphasizes. Experts insist on paying attention to these tips, because life goes on after the holidays and uncertainty will continue with high inflation and rising mortgages.

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