Legacy of Irma Vep

maybe Irma Vep not the most watched serial HBONeither the new Game of Thrones nor each of its eight episodes have their servers crashed when they first aired, but it’s one of the titles. has the most unique and biggest personality this year. A love song to the world of cinema full of meta references and winks to justify a movie over a hundred years old and show how it is still relevant today. Whenever a remake is released, the debate often arises over whether it makes sense to retell what others have already told. French filmmaker Irma Vep Olivier Assayas loop the loop, because we are facing the remake of the remake. More precisely, before the series about the remake. In 1996 Assayas made a movie about a director who wanted to make a version of the French classic. vampires. More than twenty years later, he adopts the same idea. But one movie is not enough. An hour and a half was short for everything he wanted to say. A series was required.

Irma Vep was one of the first fatal women in the history of cinema and was a character in the movie/series made by the directors in 1915. Louis Feuillade vampires. for lovers anagramsNote that we can also obtain the name Irma Vep by rearranging the consonants and letters that make up the word vampire. The vampires in this movie weren’t the famous blood drinkers of the horror genre. The movie was a few years away from its premiere. nosferatu. Feuillade’s vampires were a secret criminal society that terrorized Paris and foiled their plot, against which the heroes fought and reporter Philippe Guérande fought. With a run time of almost seven hours, some movie guides cite it as one of the longest movies in history. In reality though, this work was signed in episodic format and in installments. An unequal total of ten episodes, which can be 15 minutes or an hour, often with a clear ending to engage the audience and see the next one again. Is the bell ringing? Was the debate about movies and TV shows in effect more than a hundred years ago?

The parallels between cinema and TV series do not end here. By 1915, Europe was immersed in the First World War. It wasn’t the best conditions to start filming, was it? This instability was also reflected in the production, where the shooting progressed rapidly. The discussions were impromptu because it was not known when work could resume and sudden casualties were on the agenda. For a long time, serials were made with these parameters, always with very limited budgets and Cancel Damocles’ sword constantly above their heads.

Irma Vep was one of the leaders of this mysterious organization and managed to rise to the rank of Great Vampire throughout her episodes. The iconic character in this silent movie classic, musicartistic name Jeanne RoquesBecame an actress in the 1920s muse of surrealism. It’s anecdotal fact, because if someone thinks we’re dealing with a series told in traditional narratives, there’s a lot of surrealism in the character’s two invasions of the Assayans.

Irma Vep’s narrow black uniform that concealed his robberies has inspired many films and works of fiction. In the 90’s movie, Maggie Chung He wore a black latex suit inspired by someone. cat Woman commented by michelle pfeiffer inside batman returns of the Tim Burtonin the new series alice vikander He wears a velvet suit that resembles a dress. black widow embodied by Scarlett Johansson In Marvel Universe movies.

Vikander in the HBO Max series, hollywood star He’s tired of making superhero movies and for him this is an opportunity to start an independent project, take on his career and open the door to more serious roles. In real life, Oscar-winning actress danish girl he was the star of his epic tomb Raider; So he might as well be playing. Although there are those who see parallels between the character and the actor Kristen Stewart due to coming out of the closet after leaving Robert Pattinson.

Irma Vep is a series about the world of cinema. A kind of american night of the François Truffaut To HBO, which came when the platform had just destroyed a large part of its European production line. If in the 90s version the Assaians had a chance to laugh at some topical It’s about French directors, in the series the target has time to open his eyes and update the references. Both in form and content. there are implications shooting on chrome backgrounds to add digital background effects, usually large blockbusters. Shooting a sexual assault scene told us this (surprise!) The shooting of the same scene more than a hundred years ago sparked a similar controversy.

Irma Vep shows us a chaotic shoot that is now as chaotic as it should have been in 1915 for the series that inspired it. An open space for some stars to show themselves. most toxic aspect and often where there is an ego conflict. All this is experienced dreamy atmosphere, almost surreal, probably unsettling to the average viewer. All this leaves us to the end with the obvious conclusion that more than a hundred years later Irma Vep is still alive.

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