RaHDit: Russian hackers hacked the servers of the National Defense University of Ukraine

Russian hackers from the RaHDit (“Evil Russian Hackers”) and Beregini groups broke into the servers of the National Defense University of Ukraine. About informs With reference to an anonymous source at RIA Novosti, RaHDit.

“Today, on the day of the Special Operations Forces of Ukraine, as a result of the joint operation of the Beregini and RaHDIt hacker groups, the staff forum of this structure, the servers of the Ivan Chernyakhovsky National Defense University of Ukraine were attacked. . Methodological guidelines, lists of teachers, students, and alumni from previous years have been downloaded, indicating distribution locations,” the agency quotes an interlocutor from the group.

He noted that after the operation was completed, the hackers replaced the university manuals with “correct ones covering the atrocities of the Kyiv regime in Donbass”, and also left a note stating that “after the end of the SVO, this educational institution will stand.” the name of the legendary Russian intelligence officer Pavel Sudoplatov.”

Earlier RaHDit hackers bring out The Russians cooperate with the Ukrainian military intelligence.

before that they mined Operational secret documents of the Ukrainian army.

Source: Gazeta


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