He left a bar, followed him and disappeared: the criminal is serving his sentence but not Juan Antonio

” It is considered JT guilty of unlawful detentionJune 2013. Judgment of the First Division of the State Court of Almería: “Although using violence in any case, without specifying the exact way, JT hired Juan Antonio Sánchez against his will and with the same vehemence he confiscated his car and the objects he was carrying”.

He followed her out of a nightclub, followed her to her car, and made her disappear. Cold, hermetic, quiet. He has been serving his sentence for nine years. “What did he do Early in the morning of December 20, 2009 With the corpse of Juan Antonio Sánchez?” He remains silent, closing as a group.

There is no body, but there is crime. They were taken from us that night. We have no hope, it’s clear he killed her. but we have to find him, bury him,” laments Juan Antonio’s sister-in-law, Maribel.

One of Juan Antonio Sánchez’s biggest hobbies was traveling. It was transferred by the family to CASE OPEN.

December thirteen years ago

He was 38 years old, had a steady job, a quiet life and a good family relationship. Juan Antonio lived in El Ejido, but had arranged to have dinner with some friends in Almería. “It was Saturday, December 19th,” Maribel remembers. “When they finished, some left because they lived in Granada. He stayed with two friends and went to the bar in the Oliveros residential area, a local atmosphere, Juan Antonio was gay.” She decided to leave around two in the morning, restructured her sister-in-law, “meet other friends for lunch the next day.”

He said goodbye to the girls and left the bar and walked to his car. It was close, about 200 or 300 meters. They never saw him again.

Monday: Not Juan Antonio

“Is your brother okay? He didn’t call, the phone was off and he didn’t show up for work.” The call came on Monday. “He was working in the real estate consultancy. He was reliable, punctual, responsible…” explains his sister-in-law. “The search began here.” Alarms went off, have been on alert ever since. After thirteen years they did not stop looking.

The first posters with a warning about the disappearance of Juan Antonio Sánchez.

“I saw his car yesterday, it was driven by a Moroccan,” a family friend said.

“We searched everyone around,” she recalls. A friend of the family gave a tip: “I saw his car yesterday, he was driving a Moroccan, I was surprised, it wasn’t there“She wasn’t looking well. “Her friends, whom she arranged to have dinner with on Sunday, said she didn’t go,” she says. “We went straight to the National Police.”

They did not accept the complaint. “To us adults, being a man, 72 hours had to pass“. He insisted, “He wouldn’t do that, look, there’s someone who saw his car…” Until Tuesday after all – he disappeared early Sunday morning – protocol didn’t kick in.

“Do you know if he meets people occasionally?” the man, 38, gay, asks at a friendly bar. ‘ the agents asked.

They recorded the complaint, created the file: male, 38 years old… “His parents asked if he had psychological problems…” Maribel recalls, “and they said it could be a voluntary marchHis relatives said no. “Impossible, she was transparent, she told us everything. She was fine, she was happy, there was no reason.” The agents investigated her life, her relationships.

Male, 38 years old, gay, in a friendly bar, investigation begins slowly. The cops said, “Do you know if I run into people from time to time?” she asked. “They even told us ‘it might be a bad encounter’ because he’s gay…” Maribel complains. “He hurt us. Maybe that’s why the same was not sought“, sentence. “We object, a person disappeared and did this involuntarily. We’re also pretty sure they took his life… We should look for him, right?

Records of the last known place with certainty where Juan Antonio was requested: the Drácena pub, a local atmosphere in Almería. The agents discovered that someone was following him. “Seeing the footage, the police understood very well that the man was following him from behind.“.

A Moroccan national, JT is already known for inciting multiple controversies. Theft completed retail and male prostitution history. “There were two deportation orders from Spain at the time, but we learned that later. He was accused of the disappearance of another child in 2007.He is Latin American, but he had no relatives here and they did not proceed with the trial.” The focus was on him. He was arrested but no evidence was found, he was released.

“What did you do with Spanish?”

Maribel recalls that the investigation was completely reversed, “the summary secret has been decided.” “We expected progress, we found it.” Hope faded. Two key expressions in the court once again pointed to Moroccans.. They’re talking about a farmhouse on the outskirts of town, “around four in the morning” they say, “JT arrived in a black Audi A3, a Spanish boy was driving.”

“They say it’s night,” Maribel said, reviewing what she had declared then, summary in hand. They did not see the face of the Spaniards, but with the description they gaveshort, slightly limping (Juan Antonio suffered from a recognized 47% disability that prevented him from walking normally) We knew it was Juan Antonio, it was him”.

“The neighbors of the farmhouse say he threw a pack of Marlboro in his jacket at them and told them to buy Spanish tobacco and smoke it”

“They were at the farmhouse for about five minutes and Moroccan” codes, give me your card codes and you got in the car,” he continues. “They saw how you got in the car. Half an hour later he returned with nothing but an Audi A3 and a brown leather jacket. they say so was cleaning, it was full of blood… Then they went to the door and asked the Spaniards what he was doing”. Still fractured, Maribel continues, “she threw a pack of Marlboro in her jacket at them and said to them, ‘Here, smoke tobacco in Spanish'”.

Benjamin, same boss

Statement, cameras, eyewitnesses pointed this out directly. JT became the prime suspect. Also, his criminal history, resemblance to Benjamin’s disappearance two years ago, A young Ecuadorian whose whereabouts are unknownhowever, his personal belongings turned up in the Moroccan’s house.

Maybe Juan Antonio would have been here if they had put him in jail for the first time.Maribel cries.

Agents noted the same way of working. Two men, gays and, according to witness testimony, JT’s presence, He was always the last person to maintain contact with them before he disappeared.

“We asked us to combine the two cases. Juan Antonio’s vehicle, his personal belongings, nothing was found. The other boy’s body was not found, but JT had documents, sunglasses, cell phone and vehicle.” .

Juan Antonio in a photo provided by his family. To the right is JT in court.

Maribel remembers that the trial began on May 15, 2013. The accused denied everything. He was sentenced to 25 years and 9 months in prison. Ten years for each loss, one year for theft; one year and nine months in prison for forgery of other official documents, and three years for violent theft.

nothing makes him talk

Pain, impotence and anger. “He’s been in prison for nine years and hasn’t revealed anything about the whereabouts of any of them,” Maribel complains. “When he’s served half his sentence, he can go on leave if he’s doing well. It’s infuriating to know that that person with that record could be out without further ado.”

Friend, son, brother – he was the youngest of six siblings – and the perfect brother-in-law. Responsive, good, empathetic… “She loved to travel, she always planned a trip.” Criminals do not speak, they can not find. They tirelessly searched and followed. Not Juan Antonio.

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