Electricity will drop 18.7% to 224.8 Euro/MWh this Saturday

Electric this Saturday it will fall 18.7% to 224.8 euro megawatt hours (MWh), the gas ceiling to be compensated to the facilities using this material according to the results of the auction held in the wholesale market or the “pool”, and the correction to be paid by the beneficiaries.

In fact, and according to data from electricity market operator OMIE and Iberian Gas Market (Mibgas), electricity wholesale price (paid by consumers at a regulated rate) this Saturday Almost 82 Euros less than 306.58 Euros If the upper limit of the gas price for electricity generation had not been reached, MWh would have been paid.

In comparison, this price is without gas cap (306.58 Euro/MWh) 43.7% cheaper This is more than the historical maximum recorded on 8 March (544.98 Euro/MWh) in the first days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In the rest of Europe, electricity will continue to set high prices, especially in Italy, where MWh will be paid at an average of 436.27 euros this Saturday, with peaks reaching 500 euros in the early evening.

Inside Francethe average price will be 397.53 €/MWh; By the way GermanyAffected by the interruption in Russian gas supply through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, 380.77 euro/MWh will be reached.

Will be back again United KingdomThe price will moderate slightly, averaging up to 265.17 pounds (about 316 euros at current exchange rates).

The auction in Portugal, where the gas cap was also applied due to the so-called “Iberian exception”, marked the same average as in Spain, with which it shares a market.

Auction and setup

If only the results of the auction in the wholesale market are taken into account (excluding the adjustment that gas ceiling beneficiaries must pay to compensate facilities using this material), electricity will become cheaper by about 8.2% and increase to 129.98 Euro/MWh.

According to time zones (and always without adding the aforementioned adjustment), Maximum price will register andbetween 00:00 and 1:00, with 163.78 euro/MWh; meanwhile he minimum between 114.3 euro/MWh. 10:00 and 11:00.

However, it must be added to these amounts. the cost of adjusting power plants Gas, the amount of which varies according to the volume and price required by the system, is transferred to the households and beneficiary companies.

For this Saturday, the average adjustment for these consumers will be 94.82 Euro/MWh with the final price 224.8 Euro/MWh, more than double – -136% more than a year ago.

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