Relay on ‘Amar es para siempre’: Chenoa handed over the flag to another famous artist

‘Love is eternal’ It will begin its 11th season next September and will bolster itself with a revamped cast that will be part of the series’ new plots. But these will not be the only innovations in fiction, because parts will be accompanied by a title performed by Antonio JoséAs known specially YOTELE.

Tercüman will sing the legendary tune of the daily series he produced. TV Diagonalthus taking over from Chenoa, who has been in charge of singing since 2019. In turn, she took her testimony. David BustamanteHe’s lent his voice to the theme song since season five.

Antonio José, one of the artists of the period, will now bring his unique touch and style to the song ‘Amar es para siempre’ and thus maintain his relationship with Antena 3. The Cordovan. He joined Paulina Rubio on ‘La voz’ as a consultant.talent show she won in 2015.

Antonio José, with 15 gold certifications, 20 platinum certifications and a stream of 1.3 billion songs and music videos one of the artists with the biggest projection in the music scene. He released his seventh studio album ‘Fénix’ in 2021 and is currently touring Spain with a tour of the same name.

The new season of ‘Amar es para siempre’ will be screened Melani Olivares’ gorgeous signature, as specifically announced by YOTELE. Joining him are Jorge Bosch, Adriana Ubani, Daniel Cabrera, Ander Azurmendi, Paula Iwasaki, Carlos Serrano-Clarck, Antonio Durán ‘Morris’, Adelfa Calvo, Daniel Muriel, Pepa Rus and Toni Sevilla.

They will all be accompanied by Itziar Miranda, Manuel Baqueiro, José Antonio Sayagués, Anabel Alonso, Iñaki Miramón, Ángeles Martín, Sebas Fernández, Luz Valdenebro and Andoni Ferreño. they will bring their characters to life.

After more than 2,400 episodes since its debut, ‘Amar es para siempre’ will attempt to maintain viewership numbers for its tenth season. It brought together an average of 1.2 million viewers every afternoon. Daily drama ga reached 12.3%, the best share of the last three years.

Season 11 Summary

New episodes of ‘Love Forever’ start in September 1981. Spain faced its future to dazzle the world during the World Cup. It was the time when creativity and modernity combined in an environment of political instability and economic crisis.

Manolita’s cousin, Nieves Sanabria (Melani Olivares), comes to Madrid from Miami with her husband Ricardo (Jorge Bosch) and their daughter Andrea (Adriana Ubani). They are not deprived of money, new ideas and secrets. Two cousins ​​will start a business: Sanabria Supermarkets is an idyllic setting that will illuminate Nieves’ darkest side when he learns that his daughter Andrea has been involved in a murder. As Nieves arranges for the evidence to point to Manolita’s son, Ciriaco (Daniel Cabrera), Manolita, a stranger, seeks solace from her cousin.

Carballo (Paula Iwasaki) alias María Barros He will continue to investigate his father’s disappearance, as he does not believe Commissioner Luján’s accusations. (Antonio Duran ‘Morris’). With the help of Jorge Reyes (Carlos Serrano-Clarck), he sets up a detective agency to track down minor cases. Carballo will fall into the web of seduction, not suspecting that this young man is hiding a more sinister purpose.

A new business opens at the Guerrero Pharmacy, Plaza de los Frutos, run by Doña Paz (Adelfa Calvo), an armed woman who comes with her son Hugo (Daniel Muriel) to start from scratch and forget a shady past. . Young Rocío (Pepa Rus) will be at the center of their lives with her joy and creativity.

Cristina and Quintero will hire Rodrigo Sancho (Toni Sevilla). a lawyer who will help them in the company and bring them closer to the world of politics.

In the neighborhood, Visi will have to deal with a medical problem, while King’s falls into the hands of well-known actor Lorenzo Bravo (Andoni Ferreño). will begin to open the building to an atmospheric place and the neighbors will start looking for the Queen.

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