Greenpeace Galicia recaptures fisheries and steals two longlines’ gear

this loveA longline from Guarda was legally fishing offshore when a boat approached them in June 2019. he was hopeHarassed the boat by the environmental association Greenpeace, which deployed one of its inflatable boats to protest in front of the ship for fishing. This caused strong rejection across the fishing industry and Guard Longliners Organization (Orpagu)described the maneuver to which the ship belonged as “a real shame”. This week, NGO took it back with two Galician boatsbut this time it was more maneuverable.. Greenpeace cut off part of the longline (where the hooks were hanging) and left two Galician vessels legally operating in the North Atlantic unhooked. them pearl foreverfrom Burela and Second Ribelagain already from Orpagu Filed a criminal complaint against Greenpeace for theft.

According to the environmental organization, the action in this case was carried out by the ship. arctic-sunrise. Activists confiscated some of the longlines’ fishing gearyes In particular, they took out a 30.2 kilometer longline and 286 hooks, from which they released a blue shark and seven swordfish, in addition to other marine species caught on the line. “What we found is evidence of the horrors of industrial fishing,” the person responsible for the Greenpeace Spanish Oceans campaign said in a statement. Maria José Caballero.

Again, The environmental organization itself highlights in its text Longline fishing, consisting of a long thread from which the others are hung with hooks, Legal in the North Atlantic”, something that also applied to one of the ships operating in the marine protected area (MPA) of the Milne Seamount Complex.

The theft, which was noticed by him in Greenpeace’s letter, aroused the anger of the long line industry, especially in Orpagu. “The organization will not only request protection from the European Commission against these baseless attacks, but it is already preparing a criminal complaint or preparing the most appropriate procedure for this criminal act,” the security squadron said. the association’s legal team is already immersed”.


As in 2019, Orpagu criticizes Greenpeace for “taking such action against the European fleet, not against vessels that actually engage in illegal fishing (IUU)”. In fact, they remember that Spanish long lines (like the rest of the EU). “they are permanently tracked by the blue box” and in the special case of their fleet “have watchers on board” and a project “in collaboration with the Spanish Government and the European Commission” to install cameras on board.

“They themselves admit that they lifted the rig and confiscated the latches. By nightgown and betrayal,” he criticizes Orpagu’s manager, Juana Paradareminding that most Second Ribel He is one of those on board with an electronic observer.. “Now, with this lawsuit and their acknowledgment of the theft in between, we will demand that the authorities have consequences if they touch a Spanish port,” Parada says.

In similar terms, OPP-07 from Burelabelongs to pearl forever. “This completely discredits the spirit of democracy and freedom promoted by the partners and collaborators of this environmental organization,” the statement said. “It is on par with the actions of organized groups of ‘pirates’ attacking the high seas,” he sums up.

just the beginning

Manager, Sergio Lopezbelieves that “this is just the beginning”. “They will continue with more action in the coming days,” he complains of several years of persecution of shark fishing by ships from Spain and Portugal, and that could peak in November if the blue shark is finally included. II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

Source: Informacion


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