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Tribulto is a gritty comedy. A story of losers and dignity. It’s bullshit made with a lot of love.

Three music experts “decide” to come together for production, directing, and staging: THE MOST IMPORTANT COMPROMISE TO THE MUSICALS OF YOUR LIFE. ETDALMDTV One last desperate step into the emptiness of a generation of artists crushed like a steamroller by the “new normality”. Before the pandemic, they were neither nominated for the MAX nor for the music awards given in Spain, whose name no one remembers… their lives are professional. The only thing that gets them up every morning is their love of art, but it doesn’t pay the bills.

Three extras with sentences. Three professionals from here, like many citizens of this world who make a living with dignity and effort and never come close to success or fame, who do not see the realization of their business goals. Three people who could be us. They are much closer to being us than Rafa Nadal or Penélope Cruz. But we refuse to know ourselves because we feel better, superior. He’s deceived.

This function talks a little bit about putting ourselves in the other’s shoes, our equal, without thinking better of ourselves. Without thinking about your failures. There are no failures, they are parents.

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