They raped an 18-year-old girl in the parking lot of a nightclub in Murcia.

The Civil Guard is investigating sexual assault An 18-year-old girl suffers after leaving a party at a nightclub in the municipality of San JavierIdentify sources close to the case.

events took place after seven o’clock this Friday morning, Celebrating its theme party this Thursday night, the establishment prepares to close. Special, setting was local parking.

It was a girl who went out with the victim who set the alarm.: They sexually assaulted a young woman, her friend, and the witness was able to identify the attacker who approached her because she was staying in the area.

Civil Guard agents rushed to the scene, find the suspect and help the victim, fortunately those who are conscious and their own moved to Los Arcos, to the nearest hospital for emergency medical examination.

A induced stimulus as required by the protocol Institute of Legislative Medicine forensic experthere, to see the young woman and assess the severity of her injuries.

Source: Informacion


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