What is the best cheesecake in Spain? More than 30 chefs responded

  • Smooth, creamy, cream cheese, blue cheese… there are many varieties, but today we’re asking chefs to get wet and pick a champion.

Why did Spain go crazy? cheesecake? A dessert whose reference until recently was New York’s “cheesecake” has hit growth over the past decade. It has become the obligatory end of any banquet, especially in Madrid because what else are you going to order? Exactly in Madrid, the prize The best cheesecake of 2022an award that goes to the restaurant Tatel, prepared with two cheeses from the region, Goat roll and goat bonbon from Vega de San Martín.

on occasion cheesecake day (July 30) We asked chefs from all over Spain which one they prefer. Be careful because there are two finalists arguing for the throne until the last moment.

We start with those who want the cheesecakes to go. An example Marcello Salarischief Martinique (Madrid), which he marks as the best Gradually of the Eduardo Belaustegui. “A perfect creamy cake – not too liquid -. Smooth on the palate. We have to highlight the artisan biscuit they made specifically for the base of the cake and it shows in the flavor. They use an organically produced Galician cheese”.

Another fan of a cake that many order Nacho Forkliowner cheap (Madrid) with the brothers Sanchez del Amo. “I think Álex Cordobés’s is the best cheesecake.” It all started in 2019, when Álex started baking cakes at his parents’ house every day. The key to his success may be to use a great raw material: eggs from Cobardes y Gallinas, a creamy cheese from a small Galician artisanal producer, good butter…”. He also recommends theirs, which they make with a cream cheese base and La Peral blue cheese.

They belong to this group of freethinkers who have very personal choices. Daniel Ochoa Michelin star Monty (San Lorenzo del Escorial, Madrid). Ochoa prefers patisserie brulee, at Colmenar Viejo. Chief Ramces Gonzales, from Zaragoza can cookvote for the cake with a Michelin star cibus “I love them creamy but without the excess liquid inside, with a touch of blue cheese”.

He has a lot of personal love for her Juan Monteaguadofrom the restaurant ababo (Albacete), to the restaurant’s cheesecake aizen (Bilbao) chief Josemi Olazabalaga, through which he went to create. “They have a very nice French cheesecake and a special oven for it. It was the first place I put all my love into making it, and when I had a piece of leftover I would always take it home.”

Another that draws memories Jose Antonio MedinaFrom a Michelin star restaurant Coto de Quevedo (Juan Abad Tower, Ciudad Real). “My favorite cheesecakes are mine first and foremost; the second one that my mother made at the Hermanos Medina hostel-restaurant in Puebla del Príncipe. Far from home is the best for me slow hand from my friend louis hernani, in Victoria”. He also thinks his mother has an animalistic influence. Philip Baoof the group chinese crown (with few restaurants in Madrid). “Mine was inspired by her, which is made with three kinds of cheese, such as Cimette, blue cheese and Idiazabal. To make it different from other cheesecakes, we added a touch of acid with mango and spicy with Sichuan pepper”.

Straight? Strong?

If there is anyone who works from perfection outside of current fashion and trends, it is it. Elizabeth Master, He has been working wonders from his Madrid workshop for over 40 years. “I love what we do, because as a result of many tests over the years we have achieved a creamy and smooth cake, I think this is how a dessert should be. I don’t like it with blue cheeses or strong” . on the other end, Rafael Vegaof the Forneria Ballaro (Madrid), I eat the factory made every day. interviewsinside Chamartin Market“for him Galician blue cheese Savel”.

More directions. Roberto Hernández from Latasia, Tarara and Moemia (Madrid) a fan of what you do Well Houseinside Villanueva de la Vera (Cáceres) is made with local cheese. It also makes us a discovery God’s Joseph Manualof the Looked GoodGrupo Cañadío’s restaurant (‘spoiler’ here, they also scare): “I really like the one from the group, except for the ones we serve in the group. Cigalena Winery inside Santander. For its saltiness and unpretentiousness. He is balanced and smiling”. Javier Ollerosof the Culler de Pau (two Michelin stars in O Grove, Pontevedra) prefers restaurant next door D’Berto because it “is so creamy and has a smoky touch that makes it unique”.

Sergio Remacha of the moments Bar, In Alicante, one of your favorites ” Chencho Farmhouserestaurant in the area”. Although he had to choose between the ones he tried, meatyinside Barcelona. Luismi Minorchef shaft (Marbella) selects one of the prize winners: Fernando Alcala inside kava (Marbella): It’s very unpretentious, not too runny, and has an amazing texture. Be careful because it changes very often (and for the better of course)…”.

Two pieces by executive chef Néstor López from Papua and Popondetta Ye-Yé (Madrid) with a special memory that can no longer be enjoyed. “My favorite cheesecake is the one I tried when I started working out. Bait (Madrid), in the cooking stage Aurelio Morales. It was made at low temperature and served with violet ice cream and some violet candies made by us. The other, which is an indelible memory, is what they did in a restaurant. Lanzarote wanted Torano House It’s made from Majorero cheese: it’s simple, but has an amazing flavor and texture.” She’s also not shy about sweeping it home and recommending what she serves in Papua. tart with an Italian cheese called ‘testun’ in ‘barolo’ winetreated with skin. We accompany with garnacha raisin ice cream”.

From Dabiz Muñoz to Horcher

They prefer Madrid options Oscar Portalin front of the kitchen volleyball (Madrid), grouse, in the heart of Casa de Campo. “I’m a big fan: I love it for its intense flavor and creaminess.” Beltran Alonsoof the Mories House Choose from (Madrid) Askua Barrait’s also in the capital for its simplicity.

Joseph Ariaschief piscomar Y hasaku (Madrid) chooses “first person to serve” as favourite. David Munoz Because GoXO is delicious on ‘delivery’ and should be shared”. Also in Madrid – Michelin-starred restaurant gofi– Riojan ice cream shop has a favorite one Fernando Saenz (dellaSera, Logrono), “a majorero cheesecake sprinkled with paprika‘ is a great way to bet ‘for an originating cheese’.

Javier CabreraChilean chef of the restaurant Myrtle (Madrid), we ‘discover’ legendary restaurant’s cheesecake HorcherLocated in front of Retiro Park, “as delicious as apples and traditionally prepared at the same time”. Francis Riveraof restaurants candlestick Y river (Madrid), uncle of Gerardo Oter gerardo grill: “It’s got toffee caramel and it has an amazing texture, it’s so soft”.

Fismuler, Cañadío, La Viña, Zuberoa… the most famous

But if there are four ever-named cakes among the favourites, these are Fismuler (Madrid), Grupo Cañadío (Santander and Madrid), La Viña (San Sebastián) and Zuberoa (Oiartzun, Guipúzcoa). Many people refer to Donostiarra de La Viña, born in the 90s, as a legendary recipe. Paul Colmenaresexecutive chef New York hamburger (with stores in Madrid and Barcelona), she chooses it as her favorite because of its “excellent taste and texture” and “the first to have the style they all have today”.

cake recipe Canada Group created by Paco Quiros It’s in 2004 but it looks like it’s been with us for a lifetime. Gets the cook’s points Jose Luis Garcia BerlangaHe runs a rice restaurant with his own surname in Madrid. It also praises Mario Cespedes, from Round 14 (Madrid, Pozuelo and Avilés), Cilindro (Madrid) and Apura (Madrid). And the other Mario: Sanchez of the Share your bistro (Madrid) throws it off the roof. Therefore, three points for a cake that can be eaten in Cañadío, as well as in other restaurants of the group. First anyone Looked Good.

They vote for Fismuler Miguel Carterchief santerra (Madrid) or Daniel Pozuelo (stick-bugMadrid), fed by recipe Nino Redruello Y Patxi Zumarraga making a version that includes “a piece of blue cheese.” Carlos Fernandez MirandaNewly opened Asturian chef viceroy (Madrid) chooses him as his favourite. Finally, Alvaro Garceschef Don Dimas (Madrid), without a doubt: “This is the best.” Four well-deserved points.

But if there’s one cheesecake that evokes the passions of chefs, it’s Zuberoalegendary house Hilario Arbelaitz. Andoni Txintxillaof the Hamarratz (Zumaia, Guipúzcoa) praises it for its fluidity and texture. It also has an altar Carlos Urrutikoetxeaof the Mr. Martin (Madrid) states that it “eats time and time again”.

Mayor of Xavierof the Villa Verbena Y Lake WorkshopLocated at the Casa de Campo in Madrid, it ensures that all the cheesecake chefs actually make “versions of Zuberoa.” It is also best for Paul Casagrandeof the trio lasarte (Barcelona) and Lupu Tastingof the İlyas’s Tavern (Pozuelo de Alarcon) and fire light (San Lorenzo de El Escorial) describes it as “creamy, flavorful and with the perfect serving temperature.” Five points to ten that emerged as the winner of this poll among some of the greatest gourmets in the country: our chefs.

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