8 dead in Kentucky flooding

At least Eight people died in Kentucky due to flooding and thousands were left without electricity. Governor Andy Beshear reported on Thursday (USA) one of the “most devastating in its history” due to the downpours. The Democratic governor put the flood death toll at 8 after reporting three deaths this afternoon, including an 81-year-old woman, in a message on his official Facebook page, accompanied by a video.

Beshear emphasized that the death toll in the video is expected to reach “double digits” as previously estimated, and noted: More rain expected in the coming hoursmay worsen this situation. The governor stressed that although officials announced that they would bring water from elsewhere, some parts of the state would remain without electricity or grid for a while.

Beshear previously told the media that there were 25,111 power outages in the state and that authorities were already working on repairs. The governor warned that this is an “ongoing natural disaster” and that rains will continue in parts of Kentucky, with two to three inches (more than 5 to 7 centimeters) expected tonight in some areas. .

A response team from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is scheduled to begin work in the affected areas this Thursday, Beshear added, announcing that he is meeting with the White House today to explain the state’s needs.

Beshear declared a state of emergency on Thursday and mobilized a reserve military unit, the National Guard, to aid rescue efforts. “We’re looking at one of the worst flooding events in Kentucky history, one of the most devastating,” the governor said, noting that large numbers of damaged homes are expected.

Saved the weather channel an unknown number of homes were swept away by the rains and in many cases the water reached the roofs. In addition, many roads were closed and many trees were felled. Beshear explained that there are people trapped on the roof of their homes in eastern Kentucky waiting to be rescued.

Up to six inches (about 15 centimeters) of water has fallen in the Jackson area in that state since Wednesday night, according to local media reports.

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