They find a woman and her three children dead at her home in Connecticut and investigate this as a patricide.

police Connecticut He reported that a woman was found dead in her home, where she also found the bodies of three children. She is the mother of the little ones and thinks she strangled them and then killed herself.

Authorities are waiting to learn autopsy results exact cause of death They identified the woman as 36-year-old Sonia Loja, her children as 5-year-old Jonael Panjón and her 10- and 12-year-old brothers Joselyn and Junior Panjón.

this While the bodies of the three children were inside the house, the bodies of the woman were found hanging from the gallows. in a cottage in the backyard of the house.

The surnames of all the dead seem to correspond to the Latin people, but the origin or nationality of this family is currently unknown.

The police also reported Two other adults who weren’t there lived in this house. during the discovery of the bodies.

According to reports, Danbury Police received a phone call from a distraught and crying man at 6:30pm on Wednesday. Police teams who came to the house found the bodies.

It’s an extremely difficult time for many of our agents, especially those who have had to break in.r” home, Danbury Police Chief Patrick Ridenhour said.

Connecticut mayor Dean Esposito regretted what happened in a message he posted on his Twitter account today.

A truly terrible event took place in our city yesterday and we mourn the tragic loss of life.” He pointed.

“Our community mourns the innocent lives taken from us. We will get through this together,” he added.

He also assured that mental health and counseling services would be provided in the coming days by collaborating with public schools in and in Danbury. Assistance will be provided to family, friends, and police and firefighters involved.

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