HE ‘Grand Theft Auto V’‘ means quality, it shouldn’t surprise anyone. Rockstar Games’ identity title has managed to satisfy the legion of gamers for over a decade, both in the narrative space and in multiplayer.GTA Online‘ is based on constant updates from season to season, expanding the criminal aspects with new modes and crime races, collectibles, weapons, vehicles and of course impressive contact races.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | After its release for S, it is now releasing its free summer update’The Criminal Enterprises’ is a package that takes us to work as IAA agents in the hellish heat of Los Santos and Blaine County and clean up all of the Duggans’ dirty laundry, a family of petrochemical industry magnates of dubious reputation.

To the rich heat of Los Santos

on the nail record-breaking temperatures and very high gasoline prices, For executives, cyclists or nightclub owners, it’s time to try new job opportunities. All this confusion came to the attention of the IAA (International Relations Agency), which suspects the Duggans’ corruption, which will require our services to work as agents and determine the situation. Under the banner of the United Liberty Paper, the IAA’s cover, Operation Technological Trail will need to join forces with the agency in six new missions.

By the waySouthern San Andreas beach junkies will be able to take advantage of lucrative new opportunities and fully engage themselves. Whether you’re a manager, biker, nightclub owner or arms dealer, there are tasks for all professions, there’s always something to steal. Managers will be able to go to the Los Santos Tuners workshop or get supplies from the bottom of the sea. Owners of a nightclub will have new management duties to clean up the place of “annoying people”. In addition to the two new missions, where they will receive an Oppressor and an Arena War bike, bikers will also be able to earn additional income through the customization and delivery of bikes to customers. Finally, arms dealers will have access to two new supply missions and additional ways to monopolize the market thanks to new Ammu-Nation deliveries.

Kill or die, all for juicy booty

As always, we’ll have a wide variety of race cars, from Hao’s Special to 18 interchangeable with the latest additions, with the latest Imani technology (like the Obey Omnis e-GT and Bravado Greenwood). Works (Stirling GT) and four more vehicles: Pegassi Torero XO, Lampadati Corsita, Benefactor LM87 and Buckingham Conada and others. All vehicles with access to LS Car Meet can be equipped with low-grip tires that offer more customization options, faster delivery when ordered from the mechanic, and no longer have to pay to destroy other players’ armored personal vehicles. nullifies the punishments of those who attack against the aggressors. Moreover, the number of properties has been increased from 8 to 10, thus increasing the garage space by up to 20 more vehicles.

The same goes for our arsenal, they noted some requests from the developer that were most requested by the community, which reduced the effectiveness of guided missiles and the countermeasures of the Oppressor Mk II. Beware, there are new Job Opportunities to earn more like bigger rewards in Races for Crime Careers, Enemy Modes, Heists and more. All, of course, with the intention of giving players more freedom in their ascension in the criminal world.

Improvements and benefits in GTA+

GTA+ subscribers will have access to the new subscription management menu with the launch of The Criminal Enterprises, as well as reminders to let you know when benefits are available or when you receive your monthly GTA$. The update release brings members a free Lampadati Corsita sports car, as well as two exclusive skins, plus a 50% bonus GTA$ and RP in new Operation Tech Trail missions, and waivers of VIP and boss’s associated skill fees.

Even nine years after the release of ‘Grand Theft Auto V’, the perpetuation and initial virtue of ‘Grand Theft Auto Online’, the open world game still prides itself on being among the most followed. Success has a clear adjective: quality, tireless contribution of content and tasks, from the basics of the ‘GTA’ world to the most complex and entertaining.