television interview Meghan Markle and Prince Harry given to the North American server Oprah Winfrey More than a year later in 2021, it continues to spark controversy. this time Samantha Markle, ‘Suits’ actress’s half-sisterthe one that started the conflict, which guaranteed that everything reported in that program was completely false.

The former actress revealed that she felt like an only child in her childhood. described the environment of his father’s family as “difficult”and claimed that he had to pay all university expenses himself, without assistance.

preppy princess

Samantha reacted angrily to these statements and did not hesitate to deny everything or openly criticize her younger sister in subsequent interviews. His autobiography titled ‘The diary of the sister of a stylish princess’here he describes her as a spoiled girl who has given everything and far from being grateful, as a girl who denies her past and her own past.

Months later, the oldest Markle decided to take the case to court. The Duchess of Sussex sued for defamationclaiming that the ‘former royal’ deliberately tarnished his reputation by falsely speaking about the economic hardships he experienced during his childhood, $67,000 severance pay For the “global humiliation, shame and hatred” that Meghan’s words caused her.

Now, attorneys for Prince Harry’s wife are out of the court hearing the case. reject samantha’s caseAs they say, “a purely subjective account of one’s experiences, of childhood and adolescence feelings, can in no case be considered defamatory. It is a perception that in no case is subject to the parameters of error, and it is impossible to imagine anything more personal and original than how each sees his own childhood.” . It is still a subjective and personal statement of how one felt in childhood.“, they reassure in their response to the accusation.

The strategy of Meghan Markle’s legal team would consist of: Have them dismiss the complaint to avoid going to the courts at all costs.But even if he manages to avoid going to court, the relationship between him and his paternal family already seems ruined.