Unemployment fell to 12.5%, the lowest rate since the 2008 crisis

Little unemployment and more busy in the second quarter of the year leaving the Spanish economy stroking previous levels 2008 crisis and the Great Recession that followed. Labor Force Survey (EPAThe INE (published this Thursday) confirms that there is a rising labor market in April and June, despite the tiring effect of the labor market. inflation. Unemployment rate fell by 1.2 points 12.5%employment grew with 383,300 new employees, outstripping the total number of active workers. 20.46 million people all over Spain.

Spain has entered the summer with the labor market surmounted by the covid crisis, given the prospects for a complex autumn following a persistent rise in rates and prices, unable to see how the labor market will evolve in the coming months. With more intensive and better quality employment. Well, another piece of information shown by the EPA for the second quarter is the first effects of it going into full effect. labor reform. And in the second quarter, 600,000 people Indefinite contract.

The new contracting rules went into effect in April, and the initial impact was the largest reduction in temporary employment in the historical series. The percentage of finals dropped almost two percentage points to 22.3%. Spain has never seen so few storms and continues to show the highest probability figures in all of Europe. The reduction in temporary contracts, which affect men and women equally, continues to their disadvantage, with a margin of about five percentage points (19.9% ​​for men and 24.8% for women).

Private sector attracts caravan

Although the recovery in employment in the early stages of the pandemic was partly explained by the increase in staffing in the public sector, especially the reinforcements in the public sector. health Y schoolsat the current stage private sector pulling the car. It accelerated especially in the second quarter due to the effect of the Easter campaign and the previous summer campaign. In the last 12 months, employment increased by 782,100 people in the private sector and 14,300 people in the public sector.

Source: Informacion


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