‘Fanatic’: Netflix explores the tragic side of fame, the rhythm of the trap

Whoever joined the last Primavera Voice may have wondered who the Chimera is. trap singer He said that he had to perform at the Barcelona festival, but that he had just died and was unable to perform at the end. It was Netflix’s clever “marketing” strategy to promote the new Spanish series.‘Fanatic’The premature death of a woman due to drugs, a game that came to the platform on Friday, July 29th and mixes fiction and fact, drawing on a story that unfortunately has occurred several times in the music scene. young music star.

This Chimera is the protagonist of ‘The Fanatic’, an invented character that has a very realistic approach to playing. Lorenzo Ferro (‘Narcos: Mexico’, ‘El marginal’) is a 23-year-old Argentine actor who is also an urban music singer. In fact, he composed and sang three songs in the series himself. AlizzzC. Tangana, who has written songs for idols like Rosalía, Aitana, Lola Indigo, and Becky G, acknowledges the translator, who plays a double role here: chimera and one LazarusA young delivery man who witnessed the death of his idol lives in the middle of a concert.

“I really insisted that the protagonist be someone who knows how to rap and how to act on stage,” he explains. Roger Guel (‘Smoking room’, ‘7 years’), the director of this series created by Dani del Águila, Federico Maniá Sibona and Yago de Torres. That wasn’t the only true aspect of ‘Fanático’: other urban music artists Dollar Selmouni and Carlota Urdiales there are weighty roles in the plot (he is the curmudgeonly musician, assistant and friend of the Chimera, and he is the singer’s girlfriend) and there are ‘cameo’ of people working in this industry (Santa Salut, Swit Eme…) Lázaro’s deceased to make the story as believable as possible about how she decided to pay homage to the star by dyeing her hair, getting a tattoo like her, and impersonating her on social media thanks to her strong physical resemblance to the star.

The work of the dead singer

“But suddenly you see the music industry starting to question whether it’s more interested in a word one of the characters says: There’s a better job than a dead singer, a dead man lives and lives.” Gual, emphasizing the “moral problem” that lies there. “There are artists who have died and continue to sell records. They don’t replace their identities, but their families… living with a dead“, highlights Ferdinand ValdivielsoIn this series filmed in Barcelona, ​​he plays Quimera’s “deceitful and ambitious” manager ( razzmatazz) tapping into the dark side of fame and incidentally reviving the younger generation.

“The drama shows what an idol’s life is like, something many young people will want to know. It makes you want to be famous and it takes it away from you,” says Ferro of a drama with a video clip beat. just have five episodes short films of about 20 minutes. And chapters get smaller and smaller, chapter by chapter (from 21 minutes of the first to 14 minutes of the last), “each time the feeling of dizzy and the pace of the story get faster,” notes Gual. Who remembers that he prepared this piece by watching fictional films and documentaries “about how these children who suddenly come and become music stars live”.

For example, he talks about the tragic case of the rapper. lilpeep, He died at the age of 21. The director replied, “Sad success stories because you end up asking yourself: What was all this for? What does fame cost?” the director concludes.

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