Florida man drowned while searching for golf ball in lake

A man diving with his young son In a lagoon in the city of Naples on Florida’s west coast, He drowned while searching underwater for balls from a nearby golf course.a local media reported this Wednesday.

The incident occurred last weekend, when Nicholas Wardein, 44, was diving with his 13-year-old son, searching for golf balls in one of the ponds that separate several Sixth Green golf courses from Arrowhead, as they often do. According to the local newspaper’s report, Wardein entered the water with all his diving equipment, including a wetsuit, belt, diving mask, knife, diving tank and a net to carry golf balls, according to his son’s testimony.

He realized it minutes later. her father struggled to stay afloat and was out of breathso it fell out of the scuba tank, but I know sankprobably due to the weight of the golf balls She said she wore it and gathered it in a net tied around her waist.

The boy then jumped into the water to save his father, who was working in the Lee County Emergency Services, but couldn’t find him when he was seen panting and went out of the pond to call for help. About 15 minutes later, a team of divers from the fire department jumped into the water and found Wardein’s lifeless body very close.

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