Treasury undertakes Valencia’s request to upgrade financing to autonomies and review debt

The Community of Valencia came to the Financial and Fiscal Policy Council (CPFF). The “priority” goal is to increase the government’s contribution to the autonomies During 2023, so that regions can face the effects of inflation caused by the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. A goal achieved after the ministry made a statement, as Finance Minister Arcadi Spain assured at the end of the meeting, has been achieved. 24% increase in transfers to autonomous for the next year, over 134,000 million euros. Distribution by region has not yet been published.

According to Arcadi España, the balance is “positive” as long as “one of Generalitat’s demands is met,” an increase in State resources for which the head of the Treasury wants to prepare “large” budgets.

Similarly, the Ministry of Finance, headed by María Jesús Montero, has committed to another of the requests the Minister traveled to Madrid: to provide a solution (in the form of a reduction or change in balance) to historical problems. debt, where shortcomings in the funds distribution system lead to underfunded autonomies such as in Valencia. In this sense, Treasury will order airef a study proposing “solutions or alternatives” for the reorganization of the obligations of these regions On the recommendation of the Generalitat.

No specification for system reform

However, the big Valencia claim is the comprehensive reform of the financing model, delayed again. The topic was not on the agenda and there was no real chance of the system review melon being opened at this meeting. In any event and vaguely, the Treasure submitting a document “soon” to the autonomies in response to the allegations Therefore, it will allow “reactivation of the reform process,” according to the ministry.

Source: Informacion


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