Arrested for recording at least 38 women going to the bathroom of his bar in Palma

A 42 year old manArrested as alleged perpetrator of multiple crimes, without previous records crimes against privacy at least 38 customers He said his business, located in central Palma, recorded with cameras hidden in water bottles as they went to the toilet.

this Superior Head National Police reported this Wednesday in a note that the man had two secret recorders marketed in this format to obtain. capture images without the enrollee noticingbecause the camera perfectly captures the image and sound through a special label that imitates a brand of mineral water, and the liquid it contains makes the camera itself invisible, as it is a very complex and rather expensive device.

Looks like he was going to get arrested at least two years to install these devices in the ladies’ bathroomLike this the user has taken over the lower half of his body when they start using the bathroom.

Hidden camera bottle accidentally found by a customer confirming the finding He reported the incident and handed it over to the police. and explain it Found another bottle just like him in 2020 According to the version, with a camera that it destroys inside than before.

Agents of the investigation group National Police Central Police Station took over the investigation. motion activated camerai.e. every time a woman went to the toilet and it contained a micro SD card.

Researchers began to analyze the SD card. over a hundred filesWhile confirming that 38 different women were being portrayed by the camera, he also confirmed that the same man appeared over and over again every few recordings to check if the device was working properly.

Investigators arrested him on Tuesday after it was confirmed that he was one of the company’s partners. all the electronics he has, both at home and at the bar.

In the building, one still next to the camera, hidden behind the bar on this occasion were the two aforementioned bottles of water and a laptop in his home, from which he apparently could access the contents of the recordings and 44 other memory cards, most of them 32 gigabytes, adapted for use with the camera.

In total, there are estimated to be around 5,000 videos, and investigators have not yet dared to speculate on possible victims, as their number may be in the hundreds, as their identification was a thorny task before closing the case.

As there is no expert analysis of the tampered material, there is currently no indication that it is sharing the recordings with third parties, so initially Only the crimes of revealing a series of as yet undetermined secrets are charged.

The allegedly Spanish writer appeared in court on Tuesday afternoon.

Source: Informacion


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